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Eleanor Saitta

Principal Security Engineer, Open Internet Tools Project

Eleanor Saitta is OpenITP's principal security expert. She oversees the Peer Review Board, designed to improve and support open source circumvention tech tools, and works on adversary modeling. She is a well-respected and sought-after security expert who has provided consultation to major Fortune 500 companies all across the globe.

Saitta specializes in complex system failures, security and risk analysis, and cryptography. Since 2003 she has been researching the Trike Threat Modeling methodology, a unified conceptual framework for security auditing  that distinguishes itself from other methodologies by its high level of automation, a defensive perspective, and high degree of formalism. She is also a self-identified hacker, designer, artist, writer and barbarian.

Saitta also serves as the technical director at the International Modern Media Institute (IMMI), a member of the advisory board at Geeks Without Bounds (GWoB),and works on occasion as a Senior Security Associate with Stach & Liu. She is a founder of the Constitutional Analysis Support Team (CAST), previously co-founded the Seattle-based Public N3rd Area hacker space, and works on the Trike and Briar projects.

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