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Jordan McCarthy

Associate Technologist, Open Technology Institute
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Jordan's work as an associate technologist at the Open Technology Institute is guided by the principle that information technologies should be crafted to support global social progress, not the other way around. He is a member of the Commotion Wireless development team, and currently coordinates development on the project's Linux client. He provides both user-facing and back-end technical support for OTI and several of its affiliates, with a focus on improving operational security through user-focused training and needs assessment. Jordan also serves as one of the system administrators for M-Lab, the global research platform that allows researches to conduct free, open research on bandwidth availability and reliability around the world.

Jordan has a decade of experience in technical education, writing, and system administration, predominantly in higher educational contexts. He has also volunteered with a number of progressive organizations and initiatives, including Fight for the Future, Access Now, and several smaller groups focused on promoting digital literacy and inclusion.

Jordan holds a B.A in science, technology & society, and an M.A. in digital media studies, both from Stanford University. In both of these programs his research focused on the social, psychological, and political implications of emergent habits and norms surrounding digital technologies, and explored how those practices might nudged in directions that make them more conducive to thoughtful discourse and global justice.

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