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Fiona Morgan

Research Fellow, Media Policy Initiative
Staff Photo
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Fiona Morgan is an associate in research at the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy at Duke University. As a research fellow with the Media Policy Initiative, she wrote a comprehensive report in 2010 on the media ecology and information needs of the Triangle area of North Carolina. She continues to facilitate networking among media organizations in the area.
Morgan spent more than six years as a staff reporter for the Independent Weekly newspaper in Durham, N.C., where she wrote about media, technology, state and local politics and a host of other local and state issues. She covered state and local politics surrounding the anti-municipal broadband bill, the state cable franchise and controversies over broadband mapping. She also covered the decline in print journalism, including the sale of Durham's hometown daily newspaper, The Herald-Sun, to a chain, using quantitative analysis to document the impact on news coverage in a story that won First Place in the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies contest in 2007.
Prior to working for the Independent, she was an associate editor at Salon.com in San Francisco. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington and earned a Master of Public Policy degree from Duke in 2011.  She serves on the boards of two nonprofit journalism organizations, the Raleigh Public Record and the Institute for Southern Studies.

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