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Leif Wellington Haase

Senior Research Fellow, Health Policy Program
Leif Wellington Haase
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Leif Wellington Haase was a California-based senior fellow in the Health Policy Program of the New America Foundation. Haase is a leading author and researcher on the U.S. health care system, focusing on health care reform, insurance coverage, and controlling health costs. 

His plan for achieving comprehensive health reform in the United States, A New Deal for Health: How to Cover Everyone and Get Medical Costs under Control (2005) drew wide national attention. He is also the co-author of Medicare Tomorrow (2001), “National Health Insurance: Lessons from Abroad,” “Lessons from California’s Health Reform Efforts for the National Debate,” and articles on prescription drug coverage, pharmaceutical pricing, and long-term care.

Haase has been a keynote speaker and presenter on health care at numerous corporate events and academic conferences. He has appeared on ABC News (Good Morning America), CNBC, and National Public Radio, and has written opinion pieces and commentaries for the Associated Press, New York Times,Boston Globe, and The American Prospect among others. 

He recently served as the executive director of the California Task Force on Affordable Care, a group of physicians, insurers, patient advocates, and other stakeholders working together to find ways to get better value for health spending. The final report of this group suggested ways to save $300 billion in health spending for the state over a ten-year period.  

From 2007 to 2010, Haase directed New America's California Program, which sponsored research and hosted numerous events and convenings on issues of critical importance to California, including health care, education, energy, tax and budget policy, and civic engagement. He frequently advises legislators and their staffs in Sacramento and in Washington D.C. on the key issues relevant to state policy and on federal and state health reform.

Before joining New America, Haase served as Senior Program Officer and Health Care Fellow at The Century Foundation, formerly the Twentieth Century Fund, a public policy research organization based in New York City. His accomplishments at Century included directing national task forces on Medicare and public health and writing, co-authoring, or editing books on health care, Social Security, media, and gambling. He has taught at Yale University and at the Dalian University of Technology, People's Republic of China. He holds degrees from Yale and Princeton University.


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