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U.S. Makes More Oil Than It Takes | BusinessWeek

November 14, 2013

As oil guru Daniel Yergin writes in Politico, the shift comes exactly 40 years after Richard Nixon first called on the U.S. to achieve energy independence. The challenge then was to do so in 10 years. Although we're not there yet, the U.S did meet 86 ...


Shale Energy Deniers: This Post Is Going To Really Annoy You | Businessweek

October 23, 2013

U.S energy companies, the Obama administration, and such authorities as Daniel Yergin think a big surge in U.S. energy production—thanks to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology, in which pressurized water and chemicals are blasted ...


Why We Can't Get Anything Done in an Open-Plan Office | Businessweek

October 10, 2013

The writer Annie Murphy Paul, in her e-mail newsletter The Brilliant Report, recently summed up several research papers on what the distraction of open-plan offices can do to those subjected to them. A 2000 paper found that open-plan office noise saps ...

Iran's President Dangles a Diplomatic Gift to Obama

  • By
  • Romesh Ratnesar,
  • New America Foundation
September 22, 2013 |

Obama's Wall Street Bank Rescue Stabilized Economy at a Political Cost | Businessweek

September 12, 2013

Obama's Wall Street Bank Rescue Stabilized Economy at a Political Cost. By Liaquat Ahamed September 12, 2013. Obama's Wall Street Bank Rescue Stabilized Economy at a Political Cost. Photograph by Dennis Brack/Getty Images. When Barack Obama ...


Explaining Helpful Student Loan Repayment Programs that No One Is Using | Businessweek

August 13, 2013

In the meantime, Finaid.org has calculators to estimate scenarios under both IBR and PAYE, and the New America Foundation has a series of helpful sample scenarios in its report on the programs.

More Evidence that Colleges Are Giving Money to Those Who Need It Least | BusinessWeek

July 23, 2013

This confirms the results of a recent study by the New America Foundation that found that schools are increasingly using aid to lure wealthy students rather than targeting those most in need. So as stagnant incomes continue to stress less affluent ...

Four Intriguing Proposals to Fix Student Loans | Businessweek

July 15, 2013

To combat this, the New America Foundation has proposed requiring colleges match the Pell Grants if their aid packages require low-income families pay more than $10,000 a year. Colleges that don't match the Pell grants wouldn't be eligible for any ...

Revolt in Egypt Marks the End of America's Illusions About Arab Democracy

  • By
  • Romesh Ratnesar,
  • New America Foundation
July 2, 2013 |

Immigration Bill Passage Seen In U.S. Senate If Changes Avoided | Businessweek

June 24, 2013

Tamar Jacoby, president of ImmigrationWorks USA, a network of business groups that favor legal immigration, said it was unrealistic to expect the House to take up the Senate bill, even with the enhanced border-security provisions. “Will it be strong ...

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