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Obamacare Fiasco Isn'T A Single-Payer Conspiracy | Bloomberg News

October 24, 2013

What Walter Russell Mead dubbed the “pivot" to single payer has begun as various folks point out that if we only had a total government takeover, these issues wouldn't put the whole system in danger. I've seen more than a few progressive commenters ...


More Than Half of U.S. College Students Rely on Federal Aid (1) | Bloomberg News

August 20, 2013

Colleges are using financial aid to lure rich students in pursuit of prestige and revenue, shortchanging the poor, according to a May report from the New America Foundation, a Washington nonprofit research group. To contact the reporter on this story ...

Court Ruling Puts Cloud Over Consumer Agency as Work Slows | Bloomberg News

May 22, 2013

“From before its inception, this agency has faced pressure and they’ve done more than an admirable job of rising to the challenge,” Reid Cramer, who directs a program aimed at promoting family wealth-building policies at the Washington-based New America Foundation, said in an interview.

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Pakistan's Sharif Says Talks With Taliban Militants An Option | Bloomberg News

May 21, 2013

The accords failed to bring peace, Anatol Lieven, a professor at London's King's College and author of “Pakistan: A Hard Country,” said in a May 12 interview. “The Pakistani Taliban made bigger and bigger gains. There is a real risk that will start ...

Altering Immigration Bill Risks Losing Senators' Votes | Bloomberg

May 9, 2013

In their drafting of the legislation, the senators “found a number of sweet spots” on contentious issues that foiled past efforts to revise immigration laws, said Tamar Jacoby, president of ImmigrationWorks USA, an organization of state-based business ...

3 Suspects in Custody in Marathon Bombing | Bloomberg

May 8, 2013

Three 19-year-old college friends of one of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers were charged with hindering the investigation in the days after the April 15 attack by throwing away evidence and lying to police. New American Foundation Research Fellow Tara Maller speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line."

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Rockefeller Cool on FCC Pick Needing Fans Beyond Industry | Bloomberg

May 8, 2013

“We think he would be a horrible FCC chairman,” Sascha Meinrath, director of the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation policy group in Washington, said in an interview. “Show me the evidence that he supports a public- interest agenda.

Colleges Soak Poor U.S. Students While Funneling Aid to Rich | Bloomberg

May 8, 2013

The research analyzing U.S. Education Department data for the 2010-2011 school year undercuts the claims of many wealthy colleges that financial-aid practices make their institutions affordable, said Stephen Burd, the report's author. He singled out ...

What's the Threat From Cyber-Terrorism? | Bloomberg News

April 29, 2013

New America Foundation Research Fellow Tara Maller discusses the risk of cyber-terrorism with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line."

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Democrat Seeks Transparency On Drones As White House Skip | Bloomberg

April 23, 2013

Rosa Brooks, a law professor at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, said the U.S. will pave the way for other governments to begin using drone strikes inappropriately unless it develops a clear set of rules to guide the policy. Without ...

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