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Public Infrastructure

Smart Growth and the Legacy of FDR

October 4, 2012
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“The long-continued lag in building is a drag on all industry and trade. This presents an urgent problem which is the common concern of industry, labor, and government. All business needs the infusion of orders and the diffusion of purchasing power that come when building is thriving. Great numbers of people look directly or indirectly to the construction industry for employment. This industry, to a greater extent than any other, can put idle funds to work and thus speed up the circulation of the nation's money supply.

Lind: Is America Still a Land of Great Promise?

  • By
  • Michael Lind,
  • New America Foundation
October 1, 2012 |

Is America still a land of promise?

The biblical metaphor was used in 1785 by George Washington, who described the new United States as a "second land of promise." More than a century later, the progressive journalist Herbert Croly wrote: "From the beginning the Land of Democracy has been figured as the Land of Promise."

New America NYC: Are We Still Innovating in America?

September 28, 2012
America: home to Apple Inc., Google, Amazon, and a slew of other powerful and innovative companies that rule the world of technology. The United States can no doubt claim many of the globe’s pioneering big businesses, but there’s also evidence the country faces declining rates of entrepreneurship and ranks far behind many other nations in educating its young people.

The Sidebar: Chicago's Empty Classrooms and There's a City App for That

September 14, 2012
Dana Goldstein gives us a lesson on why Chicago's teachers were picketing this week, and Alissa Black explores a new movement to harness government data and tech savvy citizens. Elizabeth Weingarten hosts.

America’s Emerging Growth Story

  • By
  • Sherle R. Schwenninger,
  • Samuel Sherraden,
  • New America Foundation
July 19, 2012


I.  Overview
II.  The Story Begins with Oil & Gas
III.  Job Creation and Investment
IV.  The Catalyst for a Manufacturing Revival
V.  The Rise of New Industries
VI.  Shoring up America’s Fiscal Position
VII.  Infrastructure Investment is the Missing Piece of the Story
VIII.  Serious Obstacles Remain

Hard Landing

  • By
  • Phillip Longman,
  • Lina Khan,
  • New America Foundation
July 9, 2012

America’s air transport system is vital to the economic health of the nation, and to the well-being of every region of the country. Yet across much of America, the air transport system is breaking down as the few surviving airlines simultaneously jack up fares and slash service. This means citizens can’t get where they need to go. And it means large and vibrant cities – including St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Memphis – are having trouble keeping what businesses they have, let alone attracting new investors.

A New American Dream Becomes Reality As Cities Grow More Than Suburbs

June 29, 2012
Families bike together in Portland, by Steven Vance

According to the 2011 census estimates, for the first since 1920—nearly a century—cities are growing more than suburbs. A recent study shows 77% of millennials want to live in the urban core. 28 year-old Denver resident, Jaclyn King said, “I will never live in the suburbs… I just like being connected to everything down here—concerts, work, restaurants, all of it.

Value Added: America's Manufacturing Future

  • By
  • Michael Lind,
  • Joshua Freedman,
  • New America Foundation
April 18, 2012

Manufacturing matters. That is the rapidly emerging consensus in the United States, after a generation in which leading policymakers, economists and journalists dismissed the importance of the U.S.

The Pain in Spain

April 10, 2012

The eurozone crisis has re-emerged with rising borrowing costs in Italy and Spain and increasing concerns about the prospects for growth.

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