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Iran Protesters Targeting Volunteer Police | MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show

June 22, 2009
Steve Clemons discusses how the Basij are being targeted by members of the opposition. Link to video

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Global Panel on Iran | CNN

June 22, 2009
ZAKARIA: So, take me through this option. You have Khatami, the former president, two-term president, not backing down. Rafsanjani, a former president, the very important leader of the Assembly of Experts not backing down. Larijani, the speaker of the parliament, not backing down.

Can the regime really crack down? I mean, it can arrest people on the street, and it can arrest journalists like Maziar. But what does it do with these very powerful people who have now defied it?

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Republicans Soften Criticism of Obama After Statement on Iran | Bloomberg

June 21, 2009
Steve Clemons, an analyst at the New America Foundation, a policy research institute in Washington, said the situation exposes the confines of Obama's approach to foreign affairs. “Obama is in a bind because he's realizes that to some degree he is seen ...

National Security Priorities Now? | CNN

June 21, 2009
CNN's T.J. Holmes talks to journalist Nick Schmidle about whether Iran means changing U.S. national security priorities. Link to video

Mousavi Calls For Protests to Continue | WTOP

June 21, 2009
Nicholas Schmidle comments on Mousavi's call for continued protests Link to audio

Twitter Revolution in Iran | CNN

June 21, 2009
Nicholas Thompson from Wired magazine explains Twitter's role in Iran during the post-election unrest, even as some means of communication are blocked by the government. Link to video

President Barack Obama's Statement On Iran | The Moderate Voice

June 20, 2009
The international community believes that. And right now, we are bearing witness to the Iranian peoples' belief in that truth, and we will continue to bear witness. Steve Clemons sees an Obama shift on how to respond to Iran with notable Joe Biden ...

Protestors Clash With Police in Tehran | WTOP

June 20, 2009
Steve Clemons, director of New America Foundation's American Strategy program, discusses the violent protests in Iran. Link to audio

Gauging Whether Obama Is Creating Openings in Iran | New York Times

June 20, 2009
But Afshin Molavi, an Iran expert at the New America Foundation, said that the vast majority of Iranians today want better relations with the United States, and middle-class Iranians in particular, he said, were hoping that the Iranian regime would ...

Maturation of Democracy at Stake for Islam in Tehran

  • By
  • Brian Till,
  • New America Foundation
June 20, 2009 |

This is not a new clash; what the world is watching in Tehran is yet another chapter of Islam grappling with modernity, democracy and lucrative financial cronyism.

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