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New America NYC Event: Transnational Crime-Fighting

April 26, 2012

Ever wondered how FBI agents catch globe-trotting serial killers? Or how journalists report stories about imprisoned international criminals? Here’s your chance to find out: You're invited to jump — risk free — into the world of transnational crime-fighting.

Afghan Army, Police Pose Growing Risk to U.S., NATO Troops

  • By
  • Peter Bergen,
  • New America Foundation
March 29, 2012 |

Nearly one out of every five NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan this year were killed by Afghan police or army forces. Nine of the 16 victims were U.S. soldiers.

The Sidebar: Millenium Development and the Challenges of Wartime Aid Efforts

March 2, 2012
Rosa Brooks and Charles Kenny discuss the challenges facing the US military in Afghanistan after reports of Korans being burned, the role of humanitarian aid in conflict zones, and the status of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. Pamela Chan hosts.

The Insurgent’s Playbook

  • By
  • Fred Kaplan,
  • New America Foundation
February 27, 2012 |

Once again, we find ourselves way in over our heads in Afghanistan, and at the worst possible time: when President Obama, who seems to have recognized this fact, is trying to get out while preserving a modicum of stability—something the Taliban, other insurgents, and possibly well-armed criminal gangs seem determined to block.

Iraq Is a Mess. But Leaving Was the Right Call

  • By
  • Douglas Ollivant,
  • New America Foundation
December 23, 2011 |

Let us stipulate some ugly facts up front. Iraq remains a weak state. The political institutions are—charitably—immature. The business climate is not overly attractive and corruption is endemic. Were it not for oil, there would be no real economy. There is a serious terrorism problem. Relationships with all the neighboring states are problematic. Sectarian divides remain tense, with some key fault lines unresolved. The country’s armed forces remain incapable of defending its international borders.

Obama's Foreign Policy Doctrine Finally Emerges with 'Offshore Balancing'

  • By
  • Peter Beinart,
  • New America Foundation
November 28, 2011 |

What does America's disastrous bombing of Pakistani soldiers this week have to do with President Obama's much-ballyhooed trip to East Asia last week? Between them, they suggest that the Obama administration may be, finally, edging toward a foreign-policy doctrine.


What's Behind the Furor in Pakistan?

  • By
  • Peter Bergen,
  • Andrew Lebovich,
  • New America Foundation
November 25, 2011 |

Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz has set off a political firestorm in Pakistan with his claims that he was brokering an offer from Pakistan's civilian leaders to the Pentagon to unseat the leadership of the Pakistani military.

TESTIMONY: Security Issues Relating to Iraq

November 15, 2011

Chairman Levin, Ranking Member McCain, Members of the Committee:

It is my pleasure to testify today on the future of Iraq following the withdrawal of U.S. troops by December 31 of this year. This is an important foreign policy issue for the United States, and I am pleased to see it receive at least some of the attention it deserves.

The Date-Night Debate

  • By
  • Fred Kaplan,
  • New America Foundation
November 13, 2011 |

My favorite remark in Saturday night’s “commander in chief” debate, in which the Republican presidential candidates answered questions about national security in one-minute sound bites, came from Michele Bachmann. "If you look at China, they don't have food stamps," she said.

Moving Toward Transition

  • By Christian Dennys and the Peace Training and Research Organization
October 7, 2011

The New America Foundation (NAF) and Peace Training and Research Organisation (PTRO) have released the findings from a joint public opinion survey in southern Afghanistan.

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