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The Sidebar: An Immigration Order and Video Game Mandate

June 22, 2012
Alexandra Starr talks about how President Obama's new immigration executive order could impact U.S. competitiveness - and the Latino vote. Dana Goldstein explores a counter intuitive way to get more women to pursue science, technology and engineering careers: Get them to play more video games as kids.

Want to Thank Someone for Obama's Immigration Move? Thank Marco Rubio

  • By
  • Alexandra Starr,
  • New America Foundation
June 15, 2012 |

The administration's announcement that it would suspend the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who were born abroad and came to the United States without authorization as kids has immigration advocates showering hosannas on President Obama. There is another politician, though, who deserves quite a bit of credit for the administration's move: Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Two months ago, Rubio floated a watered down version of the so-called DREAM Act -- and the administration this morning essentially made it the law of the land (at least temporarily).

Debate Club: Obama's Executive Order Is Good News, But Not the Solution

  • By
  • Tamar Jacoby,
  • New America Foundation
June 19, 2012 |
The Obama executive order is great news for many young "dreamers" and their families—great, great news. It will change a lot of lives in the short term, giving a generation of young people a measure of hope for the future.
If only it were as good as it seems—if only it were a real solution.
The problem: It's a short-term stopgap—it only postpones these young people's day of reckoning with U.S. immigration authorities. Any real, long-term solution still has to go through Congress—and it has to be bipartisan.

New America NYC: Navigating the Pink Ghetto

June 19, 2012
At the “Navigating the Pink Ghetto” event, four established female journalists gathered to ask why “women’s issues” are often sidelined in mainstream media. In a discussion that covered gender, race, age, and class divisions; how men “bluster” in short, punchy op-eds while women practice “intellectual primping” in deeply researched feature articles; and where women and minorities get their authority, one of the most provocative questions of the night had to do with diction.

The Elephant in the Race

  • By
  • Liza Mundy,
  • New America Foundation
June 18, 2012 |

Earlier this year, when Mitt Romney ventured that he relies on his wife, Ann, to tell him what American women are thinking, many of those women no doubt rolled their eyes and thought: Ah yes, the wife card. Male politicians (President Obama included) are fond of invoking their wives’ experiences and insights to make the case that they, the politicians, understand women and the issues that concern them.

Illinois Offers Lessons in Teaching English as a Second Language

  • By
  • Maggie Severns,
  • New America Foundation
June 1, 2012 |

The news that minority babies make up a majority of all births in the United States should be a wake-up call. This shift to a majority-minority population has been taking place for years, while the way minorities are educated in our public schools has stayed the same. It’s time to think about next-generation America — a young, unprecedentedly diverse group with different needs, and strengths, from generations past.

The Big Mac Theory of Development

  • By
  • Charles Kenny,
  • New America Foundation
May 29, 2012 |

It’s a question richer people have about their poorer neighbors: Why are they poor? Is it circumstances, or is it some kind of moral or intellectual failing? Is it that they never had a chance to cross from the wrong side to the right side of the tracks, or that they never had the motivation to cross? The subject colors thinking about international development as well. Is poverty in Africa and Asia the result of something about individual Kenyans or Pakistanis, or is it instead something about Kenya or Pakistan? Is it about the people, or the place?

Debate Club: The U.S. Must Attract and Retain Global Talent to Stay Competitive

  • By
  • Tamar Jacoby,
  • New America Foundation
May 25, 2012 |

There aren't many issues in politics that are so obvious they shouldn't need debating. But attracting and retaining skilled knowledge workers is surely one of them. It's like motherhood and apple pie—a total no-brainer.

White Out

  • By
  • Gregory Rodriguez,
  • New America Foundation
May 24, 2012 |

Here we go again. The Census Bureau has released yet one more milestone data point that supposedly reveals the profundity of America’s ongoing demographic change. This time, it’s news that, as The New York Times put it last week, “Whites account for less than half of births in the U.S.”

It’s one of those front-page headlines that give you pause. You know it means something significant—why else would it be on the front page?!—but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Has Obama Given Up On One America?

  • By
  • Andrés Martinez,
  • New America Foundation
May 21, 2012 |
The debate over gay marriage pits two visions of America against each other, and I worry that the least enlightened one, bolstered by President Obama, is carrying the day.
I am not talking about the issue of whether marriage should be limited to heterosexual couples, mind you, but about the timeless question of whether we are to be one cohesive nation whose citizens enjoy the same “privileges and immunities” throughout—or whether, by contrast, we are to be a patchwork of states and communities whose residents’ individual rights vary according to their local comm
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