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The Newsonomics Of The Quartz Business Launch | Nieman Journalism Lab

September 13, 2012

Delaney has hired an impressive staff, including The Economist's Gideon Lichfield, former Nieman Lab staffer Zach Seward, and Foreign Policy's Steve LeVine. You can't pick a better category of news than business for advertising revenue. It, along with ...

This Week in Review: Twitter’s Censorship Compromise, and Facebook Files with Big Numbers| Nieman Journalism Lab

February 3, 2012

Media prof CW Anderson said that while Twitter did the best it could under the circumstances but showed it doesn't have any values that override its place as a business: “non-market values are, in the long run, incompatible with the logic of the market ...

Digging Deeper Into The New York Times’ Fact-Checking Faux Pas

  • By
  • Lucas Graves,
  • New America Foundation
January 19, 2012 |

Once in a while the cultural fault lines in American journalism come into unexpectedly sharp relief. Jon Stewart’s now-legendary star turn on “Crossfire” was one of those moments; the uproar over NPR’s refusal (along with most major news outlets) to call waterboarding torture was another. The New York Times may have added another clash to this canon with public editor Arthur Brisbane’s blog post on fact-checking last week.

Eric Newton: Journalism Schools Can Be Leaders in Innovation and the News | Nieman Journalism Lab

October 13, 2011

A new study, to be released next month in Washington by Knight Media Policy Fellow Tom Glaisyer of the New America Foundation, looks at content creation at America's universities. His headline? “A lot is going on, but a lot more could be going on. ...

What Newsrooms Can Learn From Open-Source and Maker Culture | Nieman Journalism Lab

October 7, 2011

Maker culture is bound up in the technology and ethos of hacker culture, as James Losey of the New America Foundation has helpfully showed us. Losey (and colleague Sascha Meinrath) think this kind of “internet craftsmanship” is instrumental to ...

This Week in Review: Remembering Steve Jobs, and a New-Old Media Partnership | Nieman Journalism Lab

October 7, 2011

Jonathan Stray's thoughtful post a couple of weeks ago about journalism for makers has led to a slow-burning discussion: Grad student Blair Hickman proposed a model for solution-based journalism, while journalism professor CW Anderson questioned ...

This Week in Review: Scrutinizing Techcrunch's Ethics, And A Big Test For ... | Nieman Journalism Lab

September 9, 2011

In a terrific post here at the Lab, CW Anderson looked a bit deeper into the ways TechCrunch's philosophy challenges traditional journalism's norms, particularly the site's commitment to transparency as its primary ethical safeguard and its idea of the ...

Information’s Triumph? Three Ways TechCrunch Challenges Ideas of Journalism

  • By
  • C. W. Anderson,
  • New America Foundation
September 7, 2011 |

In the spirit of doing what one does best and linking to the rest, I’ll dispense with a lengthy overview of the controversy that erupted when AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and Silicon Valley power-broker and TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington announced the launch of what they called “the CrunchFund” — a venture fund that will “invest in start-ups, including some that [Arrington] and his staff write about” on TechCrunch,

It's Official! And Kind of Expensive! Here Are the Details of the New York Times’ New Stab at a Paywall | Nieman Journalism Lab

March 17, 2011

As Times opinionator Robert Wright put it in a column discussing the just-announced model last year: “Salvation (for Newspapers) Is at Hand.” So: Will the wall bring salvation for a biz-model-challenged paper — and, by extension, industry? ...

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