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Obama Allies Begin New Effort To Tackle Debt | USA Today

July 18, 2012

"This will be an unprecedented effort with business leaders, former members of Congress and experts from both sides of the aisle coming together to speak out and support a plan to fix the debt," said Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a ...

As Greece Regroups, EU Summit is Next Up | USA Today

June 18, 2012

The politics of making even a small part of that happen are extremely difficult, said Douglas Rediker, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation. The cuts are politically difficult to sell in debtor nations, while German voters and politicians need to be convinced that their concessions won't be ignored by other countries that continue to run big deficits and endanger Germany's credit, Rediker said.

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Hate 'Obamacare?' Keep Tax Cuts? You Do The Budget | USA Today

May 13, 2012

"It gives citizens a chance to see the kind of choices that will be necessary to fix the budget problems we face," says Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. "It's really hard to do — getting the debt down to a ...

Time to Re-Regulate the Airlines

  • By
  • Phillip Longman,
  • New America Foundation
March 29, 2012 |

Almost as bad as flying these days is owning airline stocks. According to the industry's leading trade group, Airlines for America, U.S. airlines have lost $50 billion over the past 10 years. Even as the economy recovers, the latest figures show airlines were still earning less than half a penny on every dollar of revenue in 2011, which is well below the amount needed to replace its aging fleet or maintain current levels of service. Even before the recent bankruptcy filing by American, the value of all publicly traded U.S. airline stocks was less than that of Starbucks.

Obama's Budget Plan Leaves Debt Bomb Ticking | USA Today

February 13, 2012

These aren't "savings," notes the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. "When you finish college, you don't suddenly have thousands of dollars a year to spend elsewhere — in fact, you have to find a way to pay back your loans.

Facebook Eyes China For Growth | USA Today

February 7, 2012

"Google attempted to run a search engine in China, and they ended up giving up," says MacKinnon, a senior fellow at New America Foundation, a Washington, DC, think tank. Internet companies that set up inside China are expected to delete objectionable ...

Gas Prices to Spike 60 Cents or More By May | USA Today

February 5, 2012

Lisa Margonelli, author of Oil on the Brain: Petroleum's Long, Strange Trip to Your Tank, says consumers will be vulnerable to rising prices until the US develops alternative fuels such as natural gas. For more information about reprints & permissions, ...

Lawmakers Attempt Variation on Line-Item Veto | USA TODAY

December 7, 2011

Things can't be slipped into bills as quietly as they did before," said Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. "What we think this will do is it will put a chilling effect on people who are playing these games in Congress," ...

8 Steps to the Presidential Election: What to Watch for | USA TODAY

December 5, 2011

... The budget and economic update from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, due in August, will answer the questions, "Are we better? Are we worse? Where are we headed?" says Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. ...

Panel's Inability To Cut Debt Deal Reflects Divide | USA TODAY

November 21, 2011

Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, had urged the supercommittee to "go big" and seek a package of $4 trillion in spending cuts, tax increases and entitlement savings. "What we watched is them negotiating down ...

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