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Use of Drones for Killings Risks a War Without End, Panel Concludes in Report | The New York Times

June 26, 2014

Other members of the group are Philip Mudd, a former deputy director of the C.I.A.'s Counterterrorism Center; Jeffrey Smith, who served as the C.I.A.'s general counsel during the Clinton administration; and John B. Bellinger III, the legal adviser to ...

Fear Not the Coming of the Robots

  • By
  • Steven Rattner,
  • New America Foundation
June 21, 2014 |

College Group Run for Profit Reaches Deal for U.S. Cash | The New York Times

June 23, 2014

“I find it disturbing that at a time when Corinthian is close to going out of business, they’re still going to allow new students to come to the ones they’re trying to sell,” said Stephen Burd, a senior policy analyst at the New America Foundation in Washington.

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Don’t Fight in Iraq and Ignore Syria

  • By
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter,
  • New America Foundation
June 17, 2014 |

Critics Point To Drawbacks In Starbucks Tuition Program | The New York Times

June 16, 2014

“Given the upfront cost, it pushes a lot of risk onto the student,” Rachel Fishman, an education policy analyst at the New America Foundation, wrote in a blog post dissecting the program. One class is usually worth three credits, and Arizona State ...

Rebels' Fast Strike In Iraq Was Years In The Making | The New York Times

June 14, 2014

“What we see in Iraq today is in many ways a culmination of what the I.S.I. has been trying to accomplish since its founding in 2006,” said Brian Fishman, a counterterrorism researcher at the New America Foundation, referring to the Islamic State in ...

Oil Industry In Iraq Faces Setback to Revival | The New York Times

June 13, 2014

“All the oil companies are on alert,” said Daniel Yergin, the oil historian. “They are going to worry about the security of their people and installations. Obviously, no one is going to do anything new. Confidence about the growth of Iraqi oil output ...


The Wrong Afghan Friends | The New York Times

May 30, 2014

Anand Gopal is a journalist based in New York, a fellow at the New America Foundation, and the author of “No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban and the War Through Afghan Eyes.” A version of this op-ed appears in print on May 31, 2014, ...

House Votes to Limit N.S.A.’s Collection of Phone Data | The New York Times

May 22, 2014

“If House leaders had backed up their members and stood behind the bill that passed unanimously out of two committees, rather than caving to the intelligence community’s list of demands, a much stronger reform bill would have passed the House this morning,” said Kevin Bankston, the policy director at the Open Technology Institute, a technology advocacy group. “This is not the surveillance reform that Americans deserve and have demanded.”

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