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The Truth About Occupy Wall Street: It's Much Smaller Than it Seems | The New Republic

October 15, 2011

Mark Schmitt shrewdly suggested that liberals had long been fantasizing about a Tea Party of the left. But I also think serious journalists had been waiting for some bellow of outrage over the way that Wall Street plutocrats had been laughing all the ...

The Death of Obama's Jobs Bill: The Good News | The New Republic

October 13, 2011

“We really need to get out of this mentality in this country that people look at public schools as if they are a jobs program,” Jason Delisle, the director of the New America Foundation's Federal Education Budget Project, told me. ...

What Obama and American Liberals Don't Understand About the Arab Spring | The New Republic

October 1, 2011

The most well-known of the genre are Fareed Zakaria's The Post-American World, Parag Khanna's The Second World, and, from a more academic perspective, Charles Kupchan's The End of the American Era.The Obama administration has appropriated some of the ...

You Call This Populism? The New Obama Is the Same as the Old Obama

  • By
  • Mark Schmitt,
  • New America Foundation
September 22, 2011 |

In his deficit-reduction proposal, unveiled in his Rose Garden speech on Monday, President Obama once again found himself adopting the other party’s frame, embracing budget austerity instead of the fiscal stimulus that the economy needs. He still talks about finding bipartisan consensus and describes his ideas as common-sense solutions that every well-intentioned person should support, even though Republicans have shown they’ll block anything with his name on it.

My 18 Year Odyssey on the Trail of Osama bin Laden

  • By
  • Peter Bergen,
  • New America Foundation
August 24, 2011 |

I have covered the story of violent jihadism for the past 18 years, and, more than anything else, it has been a slow process of discovery. Looking back, it seems clear to me that, at any given moment in the story, there was always so much we didn’t know.

The Fighting Bipartisan: Has Obama Finally Found a Solution for Republican Obstructionism?

  • By
  • Mark Schmitt,
  • New America Foundation
September 9, 2011 |

Barack Obama’s jobs speech last night was not the speech his critics from the left had been asking for.

More Questions About that McKinsey Study | The New Republic

June 16, 2011

... Of particular concern in this case is the way McKinsey "educated" respondents before getting their responses, for reasons that the New America Foundation's Sam Wainright explains: ...

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Why Can't the Poor Escape Poverty? | The New Republic

June 22, 2011

Jamie Holmes sat down with Richard Just of The New Republic to discuss his article "Why Can't More Poor People Escape Poverty?"

Why Can’t More Poor People Escape Poverty?

  • By
  • Jamie Holmes,
  • New America Foundation
June 6, 2011 |

Flannery O’Connor once described the contradictory desires that afflict all of us with characteristic simplicity. “Free will does not mean one will,” she wrote, “but many wills conflicting in one man.” The existence of appealing alternatives, after all, is what makes free will free: What would choice be without inner debate? We’re torn between staying faithful and that alluring man or woman across the room. We can’t resist the red velvet cake despite having sworn to keep our calories down.

Is Sudan Heading for Civil War?

  • By
  • Rebecca Hamilton,
  • New America Foundation
May 24, 2011 |

The residents of Abyei, the largest town of the contested border region between north and south Sudan, have deserted their homes in search of safety after the northern government took the town by force this weekend. The seizure of the town follows an ambush by a southern group on a convoy of northern forces who were withdrawing from the town under U.N. escort. According to U.N. deputy spokesperson Hua Jiang, 15 Sudanese army tanks rolled into the town on Saturday evening. Heavy shelling ensued, and a mortar was fired on the U.N. compound in the area, wounding two peacekeepers.

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