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The National (UAE)

Pakistan's Water Shortage Drips Towards Disaster | The National

August 27, 2013

While economic stagnation, terrorism and religious intolerance remain in the spotlight, the South Asia scholar Anatol Lieven warns that water shortages "present the greatest future threat to the viability of Pakistan as a state and a society ...

Limited Strikes Against Assad Could Backfire and Drag U.S. Into Syria Conflict | The National

August 27, 2013

"What's happening in Syria is a proxy war and therefore you have Iran and Saudi Arabia with very vested interests in the outcome," said Leila Hilal, a senior Middle East expert at the New America Foundation think tank in Washington. "And I don't think ...

US Mulls Syria Options as Chemical Weapons Consensus Grows | The National

August 27, 2013


Leila Hilal, of the New America Foundation, said the US had been "reviewing options" for months and warned that, without moves to address underlying political problems in the region, military strikes would prove ineffective.

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Only 'Red Line' In Syria Is the One that Harms U.S. Interests | The National

May 9, 2013

Rosa Brooks, professor of law at Georgetown University in Washington, points out that US presidents, and not just Mr Obama, have a long history of making empty threats - over North Korea, Iran and now Syria. "It's not at all clear how US interests are ...

Rebels In Syria Suffer Losses On Two Fronts | The National

March 2, 2013

Until now, "the SOC has not been particularly effective or relevant to most Syrians, so building these councils at this time may be a way to bolster its ability to interact and sell itself to the people", said Leila Hilal, the director of the Middle ...

Dubai Gathering Builds India-Pakistan Relationships | The National (UAE)

January 20, 2013

Peter Bergen, the director of the National Security Studies Programme at the New America Foundation, said: “We hope this gets people closer on areas of common interest. “There is a shared interest in several sectors and we hope to continue this ...

Haqqani 'Terrorist' Listing Complicates U.S. Withdrawal | The National (UAE)

September 29, 2012

A team led by Anatol Lieven, an analyst with the Royal United Services Institute in London, met recently with senior representatives of the Afghan Taliban. According to a summary of that meeting, the Taliban might consider a ceasefire to facilitate ...

GCC Countries Look Towards Developing World For Growth

  • By
  • Afshin Molavi,
  • New America Foundation
May 1, 2012 |

It is one of the most exclusive economic clubs in the world, and it's not the G20, the G8 or the IMF board of directors. It's the dwindling list of countries that have retained the gold standard of investment grade status: the AAA rating. From Canada to Sweden, from Switzerland to Germany to Australia, these AAA countries will soon be an even smaller club as France's status totters.

Arabs' Economic Malaise Demands Local Solutions

  • By
  • Afshin Molavi,
  • New America Foundation
April 2, 2012 |

Over the past year, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has added four new target countries to its mandate: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. The development body founded in the aftermath of the 1989 European revolutions and the end of communism has been investing across eastern and central Europe and Central Asia and the Caucasus for two decades - with measures of success.

Scarce Water Resources Will Drive Life-and-Death Politics

  • By
  • Afshin Molavi,
  • New America Foundation
March 19, 2012 |

Every day, around the globe, nearly 4,000 children die from waterborne diseases. That is 166 children every hour, nearly three per minute. More than one billion people lack clean drinking water, and more than 2.5 billion lack adequate sanitation. Those numbers tell the story: while increased attention has been paid lately to a "coming water crisis", for many, that crisis has already come.

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