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California Task Force on Affordable Care

Creating a High Value Healthcare System for California

The passage of federal healthcare reform is a landmark achievement. It extends insurance coverage to millions of Californians and sets the stage for transforming how medical care is delivered. This legislation is an important first step toward addressing ever-growing medical costs and making healthcare truly affordable.

It is vital to build quickly on the cost-controlling elements of federal legislation as California’s rising healthcare spending has reached a tipping point. Thousands of Californian families are going bankrupt from medical expenses, thousands of businesses are cutting healthcare benefits for their employees, and the state government is slashing funding for vital safety net programs during an economic downturn when these services are needed most.

In response to this challenge, the New America Foundation, with the support of Blue Shield of California Foundation, convened a California-based Task Force of high-level healthcare stakeholders from the hospital, physician, insurance, and consumer sectors. This diverse group of California healthcare leaders met during 2009 in pursuit of one major goal: finding concrete ways to vastly improve the value the state gets for its healthcare spending. This report reflects their collective wisdom and highlights the best practices of the organizations they represent.

For the full report, please download the PDF that is attached at right. For information on the report release in Sacramento, please click here.


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