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Screen Time

How Electronic Media—From Baby Videos to Educational Software—Affects Your Young Child
Published:   March 2012
ISBN: 0465029809 | 336 pages
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A science journalist and mother of two, Guernsey manages to extricate straightforward information and guidelines from the morass of research, articles and debates on screen media and child brain development. Easily digestible chapters are smartly structured around 12 pervasive concerns of interviewees from all walks of life. Guernsey explains how parents can shrewdly navigate a TV, DVD and video game market that has only begun developing its potential, much like the minds of the children it targets. Wisely sticking to manageable and legitimate solutions suitable for parents who don't see abstention as an option, Guernsey encourages parents to balance TV-watching with creative play and parent-child bonding time. The three Cs approach—considering content, context and child when making decisions about media-watching—is easily understood and adaptable to any family situation.
For more information, please see Guernsey's website: www.lisaguernsey.com.


Some reviews refer to the Hardcover edition.

"...balanced, lucid ...a worthwhile book...Relying on dozens of scientific studies Ms. Guernsey explores the intricacies of trying to unpick the complicated weave of what goes on inside the head of a 1 - 2 year-old child crouched before a glowing screen." -- Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2007

"...fascinating and terrific new book...Guernsey doesn't take sides, but she raises more than enough questions (and thoughtful and lived solutions) that by the end of this informative, personable book I was glad to defer, once again, to my wife's good judgment in keeping the idiot box far from my daughters wandering eyes." -- New York Post, September 16, 2007

"As a parent of two young TV-watching girls, this former New York Times reporter attacks established myths, alleviates paranoia and finds a common-sense solution for how much television, if any, kids should watch." -- St. Petersburgh SunTimes, September 30, 2007

"Journalist and mother Lisa Guernsey probes the powerful effects of video and TV on the developing mind. Brilliantly researched and engagingly written, Into the Minds of Babes answers the question that pediatricians, parents, and producers have wanted to know...will early childhood media create a new generation of baby Einsteins or baby zombies?" -- Neil Izenberg, M.D., FAAP, Pediatrician and Editor-in-Chief, KidsHealth.org

"Research can be confusing and contradictory yet this book is anything but. Distilling what we know about young children and media while sharing her experiences as a parent, Guernsey is an able guide." -- Shelley Pasnik, Director, Center for Children and Technology

"This is a wonderfully accessible book. Lisa Guernsey has offered a well reasoned explanation of the evidence on young children and media." -- Ellen Wartella, Professor, Executive Vice-Chancellor and Provost, University of California at Riverside

"A gift to parents..." -- Television Quarterly magazine, Winter 2008 --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.