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What Are People Saying About Tax Day?

April 15, 2014
Publication Image Happy Tax Day!

Another April 15th, come and gone, here's hoping you got a refund and saved a portion of it! There's been a surprising number of articles and opinion pieces swirling around Tax Day this year. We thought we'd highlight some that jumped out at us, here's a sampling:

Guest Blog Post: Outsized Impacts at Tax Time

April 14, 2014
Publication Image Editor's Note: This guest blog post is contributed by Krista Comer, a Project Director at the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis.

As we rapidly approach the April 15th tax filing deadline, many people find themselves scrambling to finish (or start) their tax returns. But those of us who have already filed and received a refund may be experiencing a little peace of mind knowing that part of it is tucked away in bank accounts for when we really need the money.

Asset Building News Week, April 7-11

April 11, 2014
Publication Image The Asset Building News Week is a weekly Friday feature on The Ladder, the Asset Building Program blog, designed to help readers keep up with news and developments in the asset building field. This week's topics include savings policy, poverty, and inequality.

How The DOTCOM Act Could Endanger Rather Than Protect Internet Freedom

April 10, 2014
The recent announcement that the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) intends to transfer key Internet domain name functions to the international multistakeholder community has led to a politically polarizing debate in the United States.

OTI Sends Letter To Congress on the DOTCOM Bill and the IANA Transition

April 9, 2014
Today, OTI and a coalition of public interest organizations sent a letter to Congress regarding the IANA transition and the proposed DOTCOM legislation ahead of the April 9 House Judiciary Committee hearing, "Should The Department Of Commerce Relinquish Direct Oversight Over ICANN?" View the full letter (PDF). The coalition sent a related