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Guest Post: Six Tax Reforms to Increase Economic Security for All

April 17, 2014
Publication Image Editor's note: this blog post was authored by Heather McCulloch, Manager of the Tax Policy Project of the Asset Funders Network. It originally appeared on the ACCESS to Financial Security site and is reprinted here with the author's permission.

It’s tax time, the perfect time to consider how tax code reforms can create an America that lives up to its promise of opportunity for all.

What Are People Saying About Tax Day?

April 15, 2014
Publication Image Happy Tax Day!

Another April 15th, come and gone, here's hoping you got a refund and saved a portion of it! There's been a surprising number of articles and opinion pieces swirling around Tax Day this year. We thought we'd highlight some that jumped out at us, here's a sampling:

Guest Blog Post: Outsized Impacts at Tax Time

April 14, 2014
Publication Image Editor's Note: This guest blog post is contributed by Krista Comer, a Project Director at the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis.

As we rapidly approach the April 15th tax filing deadline, many people find themselves scrambling to finish (or start) their tax returns. But those of us who have already filed and received a refund may be experiencing a little peace of mind knowing that part of it is tucked away in bank accounts for when we really need the money.

The Employer Potential of MOOCs

April 11, 2014
A recent report from RTI International and Duke University shows results from an online survey of 398 North Carolina employers regarding their knowledge and experience with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  Data from the survey was combined with follow-up phone interviews and revealed that while a majority of employers had not yet heard of MOOCs, they responded very positively to the potential of MOOCs in their recruiting and hiring decisions. Respondents also indicated an interest in using MOOCs as part of their professional development training.
Among the survey’s findings:
  • Only 31% of employers had heard of MOOCs at the time of the survey.
    • Employers in the education, business, and communication fields were much more likely to have heard of MOOCs than were employers in finance, retail, or public administration.
  • Only one employer surveyed reported actually using a MOOC for recruitment, but 57% reported they could see themselves using MOOCs for recruitment.
    • Receptivity was particularly high from employers in the fields of business, communications, and manufacturing.
    • Organizations noted that due to increased competition in the workforce, MOOCs might be useful in exposing them to talented and experienced candidates.
  • 73% of employers viewed MOOCs positively with respect to their potential influence in hiring applicants who had taken job-related MOOCs.
    • Receptivity was particularly high from employers in the fields of business, communications, and education.
    • Employers noted that taking and completing MOOCs could be a sign of motivation among candidates.
  • More than three-quarters of employers surveyed had used, considered using, or could see their organizations using MOOCs for professional development. Receptivity spanned all industries, but was particularly high among tech companies.
    • In follow up interviews, organizations spoke to the need for highly specialized and technical MOOCs that could fill employee skill gaps.
    • Other organizations indicated a need for leadership and management MOOCs for employees.

Asset Building News Week, April 7-11

April 11, 2014
Publication Image The Asset Building News Week is a weekly Friday feature on The Ladder, the Asset Building Program blog, designed to help readers keep up with news and developments in the asset building field. This week's topics include savings policy, poverty, and inequality.