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The Richer Sex

Women are overtaking men as America's breadwinners. Here's why that's good for everyone.
March 15, 2012 |
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If you want to see what the future looks like, consider the Hawkins family of Michigan, whose choices, if they don’t already, may one day resemble your own. The Hawkinses could have stepped out of a Hallmark card: back in the 1970s, Ford engineer Gary Hawkins sup ported six children while his wife Marcelle stayed home in suburban Detroit to raise them. Now grown, the Hawkins siblings can’t tell you when they noticed that everything had changed, only that they have become a family of female breadwinners.

Eldest son Danny graduated from the University of Michigan and took a job in finance, but he rebelled at the crushing hours. So in the mid-’90s, he left to become a stay-at-home dad to his two daughters. His wife Susan serves as a top executive at the Henry Ford Health System. He is a master of the shopping list, appointment calendar and household budget; he has served as treasurer of the PTA and the homeowners' association; and on Halloween, just for fun, he did a statistical analysis of trick-or-treaters to gauge how much candy to buy the following year.

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