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Introducing the Global Innovation Showcase

  • and Amar C. Bakshi, CNN
June 5, 2011 |
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The world is rapidly changing and global innovations are leading the way. Innovations in technology, business practices and design are changing how we make friends, make money and have fun.

And innovations are coming from all over the world, not just Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurial hotpots exist in Singapore, Kenya, Brazil and South Korea, to name a few.

Local innovators and global companies have created billions in wealth and millions of jobs in fields such as telecommunications, health, financial services and clean tech.

Yet there remains so much we don’t know and so much to do.  Most people are not aware of the world of innovations out there - many of them poised to remake our lives.

To fill this void, the New America Foundation and Global Public Square will highlight new ideas and emerging trends in global innovation starting today.

The regularly-updated "'Global Innovations Showcase" will feature the emerging big ideas, trends, news and other surprising stories from across the globe.

Showcase features will explore such topics as:

- Where are the hubs of excellence and what makes them so?

- What is the secret sauce of entrepreneurship and innovation?

- What is the role of government and of civil society in spurring change and enabling innovation?

- What are the big ideas that are going to change how we work, play, do business, and spur development worldwide?

We are excited to launch our showcase with:

- John Kao asking Is America Still an Innovation Nation and explaining What is Innovation anyway;

- Author Zachary Karabell on the Innovation Challenge Posed by China;

- Author Steven Johnson offering A Brief History of Innovation.

- And Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter writing an excellent piece entitled Rebellion of an Innovation Mom.

And be sure to check out Fareed Zakaria's TIME piece, The Future of Innovation: Can America Keep Pace?

Future Global Innovation Showcase features will include a mix of multi-media contributions from anti-poverty pioneers, market trailblazers and tech entrepreneurs, journalists on the ground, and experts in technology, health, energy, agriculture, education, finance, governance, and philanthropy.

We welcome you on our journey to uncover and explore the quick-shifting ever-global landscape of innovation and how it affects us all.