New America in the News: 2014

New America staff and fellows appear regularly on radio and television, and are frequently quoted in media outlets of all types. A selection of that coverage is available below.

Do Tablets Teach? Parents See Mobile Devices As Underachievers, Study Finds. | Christian Science Monitor

January 24, 2014

But Lisa Guernsey, director of the New America Foundation's Early Education Initiative and author of a book about screen time and young children, says the report is a good first step – at the very least, a way to get parents and educators talking about ...

Why Do D.C. Residents Pay the Highest Internet Costs In the Country? | DCist

January 24, 2014

Getting Internet speeds like that certainly isn't cheap. But Patrick Lucey, a policy program associate at the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute, thinks the answer isn't so simple. "It could be a reflection of people in D.C. subscribing to faster service so they're paying more," he says, "but it's also clearly a reflection of the different places that people have different services available."

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Gabriel Sherman's Roger Ailes Biography Is A Ny Times Bestseller | Huffington Post

January 23, 2014

The controversial new biography of Roger Ailes is now a New York Times bestseller. Gabriel Sherman's "The Loudest Voice in the Room," will debut at number 9 on the New York Times Best Seller list. The book has triggered a huge response from the media ...

Japanese Organizations Claim White Spaces Broadband Breakthrough | Telecompetitor

January 23, 2014

In the U.S. there has been considerable debate about how much TV broadcast spectrum should be made available for 802.11af. Michael Calabrese of the New America Foundation has argued that when the FCC creates a band plan for the upcoming 600 MHz auction of TV broadcast spectrum, it should make at least 30 MHz of spectrum available on an unlicensed basis to support 802.11af and the gigbit WiFi standard 802.11ac.

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A Roomful Of Loud Voices: Gabriel Sherman's Publication Week | New York Observer

January 23, 2014

The publication of The Loudest Voice in the Room, Gabriel Sherman's unauthorized biography of Fox News chief Roger Ailes, was always going to be controversial. But in just a week, the media hoopla surrounding its release has surpassed any book in ...

Teachers, Principals Adjust to State's Continual Education Changes | Tampa Bay Times

January 22, 2014

Florida's circumstance, and its difficulties, are not unusual.

"Given the degree of change, the simultaneous timing of these reforms, and their interconnectedness, many states — Florida included — are struggling to form a long-term plan, and for good reason. They are essentially creating an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine," said Anne Hyslop, an education policy analyst for New America Foundation.

The resulting educator angst should not come as a surprise, Hyslop suggested.

Syria Talks Could Bring About Modest Gains, Say Analysts | The National

January 22, 2014

“The terms of ceasefire in theory could be positive, but in actuality would take a lot to be implemented on the ground,” said Leila Hilal, the director of the Middle East Task Force at the New America Foundation think tank. “But at the same time, this ...

Renowned Military Analyst Praises Robert Gates’ Memoir | Here & Now

January 21, 2014

Thomas Ricks is the author of five books about the U.S. military and says the new book by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates is “probably one of the best Washington memoirs ever.”

Ricks makes that case by asserting that Gates’ new book names names and offers insight into the difficult decisions that were made by the two presidents Gates served, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Ukraine’s 1984 Moment: Government Using Cellphones to Track Protesters | The Washington Post

January 21, 2014

Cell site location data is considered metadata. The U.S. government denies that it is currently tracking mobile phone locations domestically, although it admits to running a test project on the subject in recent years. And documents leaked by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden show the NSA tracks 5 billion mobile device locations daily around the world.

Making the Case for Paternity Leave | Minnesota Public Radio

January 21, 2014

Conversations about work-life balance often center on mothers.

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Washington Conundrum: Where to Stockpile Mountains of NSA Data? | The Nation

January 21, 2014

Meanwhile, privacy advocates said they doubt that the reforms go far enough. The head of the American Civil Liberties Union said the only real solution to resolving the nation’s data collection problem was to end the program altogether.

New York's All-Day Pre-K Plan: Good News For Teachers? | Huffington Post

January 21, 2014

... a student-teacher ratio of 10-to-1, with classrooms that would pair 20 pre-K students with a teacher and an aide, according to Conor Williams, an education policy analyst with the centrist New America Foundation and a former first-grade teacher in ...

Digital Literacy at Forefront of Digital Inclusion Efforts | Knight Digital Media Center

January 20, 2014

For community foundations concerned about issues of the digital divide, keeping programs local and steady could be the key for progress in a landscape muddied by previous missteps. The urgency is real as research by the Open Technology Institute indicates that residents and businesses in U.S. cities pay more for slower speeds by comparison with other cities around the world. Fast, affordable and accessible Internet is increasingly necessary as information essential to strong communities moves online.

Obama's Indian American Ex-Aide Joins Think Tank | Indolink

January 20, 2014

"Anish is a respected expert on South Asia and has made important contributions to scholarship on the region," said Peter Bergen, Director of New America's National Security Programme. "We are delighted to have him with us." Goel currently serves as ...

New York’s All-Day Pre-K Plan: Good News for Teachers? | In These Times

January 19, 2014

So the numbers floated for New York are still in the air; but based on general research on effective early education, the city should reasonably aim for a student-teacher ratio of 10-to-1, with classrooms that would pair 20 pre-K students with a teacher and an aide, according to Conor Williams, an education policy analyst with the centrist New America Foundation and a former first-grade teacher in Brooklyn. To make the program effective in the long term, he says, the city will need to hire “a lot of really highly trained, effective people to do this work. ...

Renaming ‘Common Core’ Standards Does Little to End Education Debate | The Miami Herald

January 18, 2014

But is Florida really moving away from the national benchmarks, which have drawn Tea Party ire in recent months? Or are the suggested revisions a matter of semantics?

“At their heart, the standards in Florida are still Common Core standards,” said Anne Hyslop, a policy analyst with New America Foundation’s Education Policy Program, noting that many of the proposed changes are minor.

Hyslop added: “The rebranding and messaging is largely political.”

Federal Spending Plan Aims To Ease 'Sequester' Pain | Education Week News

January 17, 2014

Formula-aid programs tend to have “more friends in Congress,” said Clare McCann, a policy analyst at the New America Foundation's Federal Education Budget Project. But, given the focus on early-childhood education, “it's hard to say the president didn ...

Obama to Unveil NSA Reforms, Response to Snowden | GMA News

January 17, 2014

Kevin Bankston, policy director of the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation, warned that if Obama did not announce specific reforms, the battle would shift to Congress.

"President Obama's trajectory on these issues from reformer to supporter of these programs has been very dispiriting," Bankston said.

"If he does fail to take a stand and exercise the bold leadership that is necessary, it will become Congress's responsibility to step into the breach and we look forward to working with them to do so."

Obama Clips NSA's Wings But Bulk Collection to Continue | Agence France Presse

January 17, 2014

"We are incredibly thankful that the President recognizes that the government should eventually stop collecting bulk data on innocent Americans, but the key question is, what's next?" said Kevin Bankston of the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute.

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