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New America in the News: 2008

New America staff and fellows appear regularly on radio and television, and are frequently quoted in media outlets of all types. A selection of that coverage is available below.

Will Stimulus Plans Go Global? | Christian Science Monitor

December 31, 2008
"Ideally, they should be doing the heavy pulling," says Sherle Schwenninger, an economic policy expert at the New America Foundation in New York. ...

Bush Administration Struggles Over Gaza Approach | Reuters

December 31, 2008
... not learned that ceasefires are imperfect but that you have to try and build on them," said Daniel Levy, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation. ...

House Parties Discuss Health Care | Minnesota Public Radio

December 30, 2008
Len Nichols: Director, Health Policy Program at the New America Foundation. Julie Brunner: Executive director of the Minnesota Council of Health Plans.

Millions Await Obama's Action on Health Insurance | Philadelphia Inquirer

December 30, 2008
"I do think in a funny way, the economy's demise has forced people to think about what's really important," said Len Nichols, director of the health policy ...

Obama's National Security Challenge | Minnesota Public Radio

December 29, 2008

Shortly before inauguration day, the Bush administration national security staff will walk the incoming Obama staff through what they need to know should an emergency happen. Experts say the nation is most vulnerable to attack in the early months of a new presidential administration. Guest Peter Bergen joins MPR for this discussion.

Israel Lands on Obama's Front Burner | Politico

December 29, 2008
"For all the talk of putting the (Middle East) conflict on the back burner, it's going force itself onto the front burner," said Daniel Levy, ...

Israeli Attack Seen as Complicating Obama’s Plans | Inter Press Service

December 29, 2008
Daniel Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator currently based at the New America Foundation and the Century Foundation here, noted that the current crisis serves ...

Gaza Crisis Is Another Challenge for Obama, Who Defers to Bush for Now | The New York Times

December 28, 2008
“You can ignore it, you can put it on the back burner, but it will always come up to bite you,” said Ghaith al-Omari, a former Palestinian peace negotiator. ...

Israeli Action Complicates Obama's Mideast Pledge | Wall Street Journal

December 27, 2008
"A lot depends on how long this current conflict continues," said Daniel Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator now at Washington's New America Foundation. ...

Pakistan Plays Down Tensions with India | CNN

December 27, 2008
CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen said a Pakistani official told him 20000 soldiers had been moved from the Afghanistan border toward the Indian ...

Health Reform a Joint Mission | Boston Globe

December 26, 2008
Len Nichols, a health economist at the New America Foundation and the senior manager of health policy at the White House budget office in 1993 and 1994, ...

Terrorism - National Security | Pakistan Observer

December 23, 2008
William D. Hartung, the lead author of the report, said: “The United States cannot demand respect for human rights and arm human rights abusers at the same ...

Health Care CEOs Push for Systematic Reform of Health Care | AAFP News Now

December 23, 2008
"Health reform is so important we have to have a profound sense of urgency -- we cannot wait," said Len Nichols, Ph.D., director of the health policy ...

US Needs for Language Critical | Middle East Times

December 23, 2008
"In a more competitive market where products are increasing in quality," said Gray, who now works at the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think ...

Medicine Is the Best Stimulus | CBS News

December 23, 2008
According to Sarah Axeen and Elizabeth Carpenter of the New America Foundation, if employer-sponsored insurance premiums and family income rise at the same ...

Practical Routes to Meeting Climate Change, Energy Goals | Biloxi Sun Herald

December 22, 2008
Finally, Lisa Margonelli of the New America Foundation writes in Energy Security for American Families that helping moderate-income households invest in ...

Good News, Bad News, No News | American Public Media's Weekend America

December 19, 2008
We are joined by John Ridley, author and founding editor of thatminoritything.com, Yale University professor of literature Amy Hungerford, and Reihan Salam, ...

US General Eyes Nuclear Weapon Improvements | Global Security Newswire

December 19, 2008
"It's pointless," said Jeffrey Lewis, director of the New America Foundation's Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation Initiative. "No one has a hit-to-kill ...

Development Paradigm and Mumbai Carnage | Daily Mirror

December 18, 2008
Steve Coll, President of New America Foundation finds the Pakistani Taliban of younger generation as of more violent and radical disposition who have no ...

CBO Says Health Care Overhaul Will Be Significant Challenge | CQPolitics.com

December 18, 2008
... impact on the trend in health care costs, provided that capacity is not increased,” said the study’s authors, John E. Wennberg and Shannon Brownlee. ...
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