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Experts Available: How Budget Battles Will Affect Federal Education Programs

Published:   February 5, 2013

Washington, DC —  Fiscal year 2013 funding for federal education programs has been complicated by a temporary spending bill, looming across-the-board spending cuts called “sequestration,” and spending caps. The New America Foundation’s Federal Education Budget Project (FEBP) experts are available to explain the complex budget process and its implications.
The political tide has shifted in recent weeks to suggest that sequestration will indeed occur, perhaps as soon as the current March 1 deadline. That eventuality means states, school districts, administrators, and education advocates are scrambling to plan for the sudden loss of the expected funds. FEBP’s Ed Money Watch blog is the foremost source of objective, non-partisan, and accurate information for those stakeholders on appropriations developments and the potential budget situations they may face.
In light of substantial confusion among education experts and practitioners, FEBP Director Jason Delisle published “Why March 27 Matters for Education and Sequestration Doesn’t,” on Ed Money Watch to clarify upcoming budget concerns. The article describes what education stakeholders should know – and what remains a mystery – about the rest of fiscal year 2013, which ends on September 30, 2013.
In the piece, Delisle notes that experts’ attempts to calculate cuts to federal education programs resulting from the mandatory spending cuts known as “sequestration” are futile. As of now, no fiscal year 2013 funds have been appropriated beyond March 27, so the dollar amount of those spending cuts are in actuality being applied to a non-existent appropriation.
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