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AVAILABILITY: Experts on First-Ever Internet Freedom Day

Published:   January 17, 2013

Washington, DC — Tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 18) is the first-ever Internet Freedom Day, marking one year since thousands of websites blacked out their content and millions of Americans called their elected officials to defeat the legislation known as SOPA and PIPA. The New America Foundation has several experts on this issue who are available to speak with reporters.
Sascha Meinrath, one of the co-founders of Internet Freedom Day, is vice president of the New America Foundation and director of the Open Technology Institute. Meinrath, a well-known advocate of Internet freedom, founded the Commotion Wireless Project (a.k.a., the "Internet-in-a-Suitcase") which is a software program aimed at giving people in conflict or disaster zones the ability to establish a secure, independent wireless network over their computers and cell phones.
Rebecca MacKinnon is a journalist and activist whose work focuses on the intersection of the Internet, human rights, and foreign policy. As a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, she is developing new projects focused on holding technology companies accountable to universally recognized human rights standards on free expression and privacy. She is the author of the book, Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom.
Marvin Ammori is a Bernard L. Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation and author of the book, On Internet Freedom, released this week on Kindle. Ammori is a leading First Amendment scholar and Internet policy lawyer whom Fast Company named one of the 100 Most Creative People in 2012 for his path-breaking advocacy opposing the copyright bills SOPA and PIPA. Ammori originally proposed Internet Freedom Day in an article in Wired on Jan. 2. Ammori is available to discuss Internet legislation, the Internet freedom movement, and the activities taking place in honor of Internet Freedom Day.
For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Clara Hogan.