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New America to Sponsor Internet Conference in May

Published:   April 26, 2012

The New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute (OTI) will sponsor, along with several other organizations, F2C: Freedom to Connect, a teach-in on the Internet's under-represented issues for the Washington DC policy community such as innovation, creativity, free expression, human rights and personal security.

F2C - to be held May 21 and 22 in Silver Spring, Md. - will feature OTI Director Sascha Meinrath and New America Fellow Rebecca MacKinnon as speakers, in addition to featured keynote presentations by Vint Cerf, Michael Copps, Susan Crawford, Cory Doctorow, Benoît Felten, Lawrence Lessig, Eben Moglen, Mike Marcus and Aaron Swartz.

F2C Panels include:

* Big Enough to Succeed (small telcos on the cutting edge)
* BTOP, Gig-U and other big pipe experiments
* Freedom & Connectivity from Alexandria, Egypt to Zuccotti Park
* Internet Freedom is Local (featuring Oakland Local and friends)
* The Fight for Community Broadband (first-hand reports from the front)

F2C: Freedom to Connect
May 21 & 22
AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, MD.


To request a press pass to this event, please contact David S. Isenberg at isen@isen.com.

To interview one of New America's experts, please contact Clara Hogan at 202-596-3368 or Hogan@uiowa.edu.

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