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Hertsgaard: Why Aren't Parents Protecting Their Kids From Climate Change?

Today's Youth Will Face Hottest Climate in Civilization's 10,000-year History
Published:   July 18, 2012

This summer's deadly heat, drought, wildfires and storms are evidence of major climate change, scientists say - so why aren't parents taking action to protect their children from its dire consequences? Mark Hertsgaard, New America Foundation Bernard L. Schwartz fellow and author of HOT: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth, poses this question in a Daily Beast article published today.

Hertsgaard, who has a 7-year-old daughter, Chiara, takes parents to task on why they are not doing more to be active against climate change - a catastrophic threat to their kids' futures. He argues this is now part of every parent's job description, just like providing proper food, shelter, and clothing.

This summer's weather conditions are making things all too real as the death toll is approaching 100 and certain to rise. It's our country's most extensive dry spell since 1956, with roughly 1,000 counties - one of every three in the U.S. - being declared natural-disaster zones because of extreme drought.

If we don't act now, Hertsgaard says, things will only get worse for today's children, a group he dubs "Generation Hot."

Hertsgaard, a veteran environmental reporter who has written for Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and The Nation, argues that many parents are unwittingly engaged in "soft denial" of climate change for three reasons: either they don't know the facts, they find it too depressing to think about, or they don't know how to take meaningful action. He and others are hoping to change that by launching the group, Climate Parents, aimed at organizing parents and anyone else concerned about young people and climate change.
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