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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Economic Expert to Speak on Euro Crisis

Published:   June 18, 2012

Douglas Rediker, senior fellow in the New America Foundation’s Economic Growth Program, is available for interviews on Europe’s economic crisis, as well as how the Greek elections and G20 Summit could affect the situation. 

Until the end of January, 2012, Rediker represented the United States on the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund. The Executive Board is responsible for conducting the day to day business of the IMF, including taking or approving all decisions, policies, surveillance and financial disbursements made by the IMF.
Rediker recently wrote in Foreign Policy magazine about the 12 Signs of the Europocalypse, listing key issues “in projecting what the new Europe will look like if it finally emerges from the mire.” Continuing Greek dysfunction, Spanish banks’ rescue, and Germany’s response to the crisis all make the list.
To interview Douglas Rediker, please contact Clara Hogan at 202-596-3368 or hogan@newamerica.net

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