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Daniel Levy to Join Intelligence Squared Debate on Palestinian Statehood

Published:   January 9, 2012

New America Foundation’s Senior Fellow and former Israeli official negotiator Daniel Levy will join Mustafa Barghouthi this week  to debate Dore Gold and Aaron David Miller. The debate, focusing on the question of Palestinian Statehood, is hosted by Intelligence Squared and will be live streamed here on Tuesday, January 10th. Levy and Barghouthi will take the position for statehood.

In a recent Slate article on the subject of statehood, Levy says, "While 2011 will be remembered as a tumultuous year in the Middle East, that most headline-grabbing of regional issues -- the Israel-Palestine conflict -- barely merits a footnote. The glacial pace of developments on that front could not have been more out of sync with the surrounding frenzy. There has been no Palestinian Spring to date (although there have been weekly demonstrations in Palestinian villages impacted by Israeli land confiscations) and the entire year passed without even a day of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks (those were in part resumed on Jan. 3 in Jordan, albeit surrounded by realistically low expectations). Instead, 2011 was marked more by continuity than by change -- more occupation, more settlements, more Palestinian disunity, and the continued prevalence of strategic myopia on all sides."

For more on the debate, go here.

To read the  latest piece on developments in Israel-Palestine by Levy and his Middle East Task Force Co-Chair Leila Hilal, click here.

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