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Comprehensive Education Funding Database Updated

New Data Available for Nearly All U.S. Higher Education Institutions
Published:   July 9, 2012

The New America Foundation's Federal Education Budget Project announced Monday an update to its education funding database, www.edbudgetproject.org. The update includes the most recent data available for virtually all of the nation’s higher education institutions.

Updated higher education data for the 2010 school year include:
• Price of attendance by institution;
• Spending on federal aid programs and number of recipients, including Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, Perkins Loans, Work Study, and Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, by state and institution;
• Average federal, state, local, and institutional grant and loan aid per student as well as percent of students receiving such aid by state and institution;
• Enrollment by institution and state, including demographic breakdown by race/ethnicity and gender;
• Student outcomes, including graduation and retention rates, federal student loan default rates and trial three-year cohort default rates, and federal student loan repayment rates by state and institution, where appropriate; and
• Net price by institution for students from families who make $30,000 annually or less.
The full FEBP database features information on federal funding, student demographics, and student achievement for all 50 states and nearly 14,000 school districts, as well as more than 7,500 institutions of higher education. FEBP is the only centralized source of these data available to the public, the media, and education policymakers.
The website enables users to view and download education data profiles for states, school districts, and institutions of higher education. Users can conduct custom comparisons of similar states, districts, and institutions to better understand how federal funding, student outcomes, and student demographics vary and interact across the nation. These dynamic comparisons can be used to answer a number of education policy questions. 
To view the data, click here
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