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New America Foundation Announces Olivia Calderon as California Legislative Director

Published:   October 28, 2010

The New America Foundation today announced that Olivia Calderon will be its California Legislative Director. Calderon has been with New America in California since 2006, serving as the Asset Building Program's Legislative Director in Sacramento.

"Olivia has long been the face of our asset-building efforts in California," New America Vice President Rachel White said. "We've frequently leveraged her networks and experience on behalf of other policy programs on an informal basis, and are thrilled to be able to formalize that role. She's a wonderful ambassador for New America's broader interests in Sacramento and throughout the state."

"The asset-building policies we've promoted in California have often overlapped with issues of education, health care and the broader welfare of all residents," Calderon said. "So I'm excited to be able to work more broadly as we push for real change in my state."

Prior to joining New America, Calderon served in the California Legislature as a consultant to the Assembly Committees on the Budget and Transportation, as a senior legislative assistant to the late California State Senator Jenny Oropeza, and as a Jesse Unruh Assembly Fellow. In her new role, she will be working in both Sacramento and Los Angeles.

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