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The Weekly Wonk: Dysfunctional D.C.'s Price Tag & Mexico's Moment

October 24, 2013
The lights are back on in Washington. But America's post-shutdown confidence in Congress is at an all-time low. This week, Slaughter follows the campaign money with Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig to understand why Washington is so dysfunctional.

New America NYC: Five Days at Memorial

October 18, 2013
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, floodwaters rose and power failed, while caregivers at Memorial Medical Center struggled to preserve life amid the chaos. Journalist Sheri Fink, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her research into the events at Memorial Medical Center, is the author of Five Days at Memorial, a comprehensive and sensitive investigation of the deaths of 20 patients who were injected by health care professionals with morphine and fast-acting sedatives in the days following the storm.

The Weekly Wonk: Alec Ross & Afshin Molavi

October 17, 2013
Alec Ross joins Slaughter to navigate the latest global war frontier (online) and its modern weaponry (code). Ross, the former senior adviser on innovation in Hillary Clinton's State Department, notes that a few '01s' keyed into a computer can devastate a country; they discuss how that dynamic is changing geopolitics around the world. Next, National Security Studies Senior Fellow Afshin Molavi joins the conversation to consider how a thawing relationship between the U.S. and Iran could reverberate across the Middle East – and transform the Islamic Republic.

New America NYC: Leadership, Innovation and Ideas Series Featuring David Miliband

October 10, 2013
David Miliband joins New America Foundation President Anne-Marie Slaughter to kickoff our Leadership, Innovation and Ideas Series exploring the most pressing challenges facing the U.S. and the world.

The Weekly Wonk: Balkanized Internet and Obamacare's Debut

October 10, 2013
This week, Slaughter talks about the future of healthcare in the U.S. – what happens if only half of the states adopt Obamacare? – with New America Board Member, surgeon and New Yorker writer Atul Gawande. Next, Sascha Meinrath, the Open Technology Institute Director and New America Vice President, Emily Parker, the Future Tense Digital Diplomacy Adviser, and Managing Editor Fuzz Hogan join Slaughter to explore why some countries are intent on " breaking" the Internet – and consider what a fractured Internet might look like.

The Weekly Wonk: Homeland’s Power & Al Qaeda’s “Comeback”

October 3, 2013
This week, National Security Studies Program Director Peter Bergen breaks down what the Al Qaeda affiliate attack in Nairobi really tells us about the terrorist group, and what could happen if it establishes a base in besieged Syria (a place that’s roughly 16 times more violent than Afghanistan). Later, Bergen and Slaughter are joined by Slate Culture Editor June Thomas and New America Editorial Director Andrés Martinez for a post-Homeland premiere discussion about media’s unique power to inform Americans’ understanding of national security and intelligence issues.

New America NYC: Covering Syria

October 2, 2013
Over the last few weeks, political and military developments in Syria have unfolded in real-time on television and online via twitter, Google hangout, major news networks and new types of online media.

New America NYC: The Smartest Kids in the World

September 27, 2013
In a handful of nations, virtually all children are learning to make complex arguments and solve problems they've never seen before. These kids are learning to think and thrive in the modern economy.

The Weekly Wonk Podcast: The Fed's Future & Merkel's Mandate

September 26, 2013
On the heels of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's big victory, this week’s podcast features New America President Anne-Marie Slaughter talking with New York Times Columnist Roger Cohen, a former Berlin-based correspondent. They discuss what the election tells us about Germany and its future role on the world stage, including its relationships with the U.S. Plus, the Fed has decided to not 'taper,' after all. What does that tell us about the future of the U.S. Economy and whether the Fed and the markets need some group therapy? Pull up a chair, and let’s talk wonk.

New America NYC: Far From the Tree: A Conversation About Family, Difference and Acceptance

September 18, 2013
What can we learn from parents bringing up children who, whether deaf, autistic, transgender, or disabled, whether criminals or prodigies, are very different from the parents themselves? In his book Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity, Andrew Solomon draws on over a decade of reporting on such families and raises penetrating questions about the extent to which parents should accept children as they are, and about what we can all learn from families coping with profound difference.
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