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New America NYC: Leadership, Innovation and Ideas Series Featuring Chris Hughes

December 20, 2013
Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and publisher and editor-in-chief of The New Republic, joins New America President and CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter in the third installment of our Leadership, Innovation and Ideas Series to discuss life as the young head of a major social networking site and how utilizing technology helped him along the way.

The Weekly Wonk: Best Conversations of 2013

December 19, 2013
Since September, Anne-Marie Slaughter and the podcast gang have chatted about everything from the Balkans to Balkanized Internet, from candy cartels to the cyber arms race. As we careen towards 2014, this week's 'cast is our ode to 2013 – the most engaging conversations we've had this year: First up, New America Board Member Frank Fukuyama joins Slaughter to talk about his favorite movie, Blade Runner, and what it means to be a human.

Assets Podcast: In Poverty, No Privacy?

December 16, 2013
Most Americans consider the right to privacy a right of citizenship, but for families within the public benefits system, ceding extensive personal and financial information and submitting to unannounced home visits, fingerprinting or drug testing are the cost of receiving assistance. In this podcast, Brigid Schulte, with the Breadwinners and Caregivers Program, Aleta Sprague, with the Asset Building Program, Michele Gilman, with the University of Baltimore, and Virginia Eubanks, with SUNY Albany, sit down with Rachel Black, with the Asset Building Program, to consider what it means to have di

New America NYC: Broadly Speaking: The Child Exchange

December 16, 2013
A legal adoption is an arduous process that requires time, background checks and lots of paperwork. But giving a child away can be startlingly easy. Desperate parents have increasingly turned to an online black market to find strangers willing to take their unwanted children.

The Weekly Wonk: Karzai's Dangerous Game

December 12, 2013
Afghan President Hamid Karzai is refusing to sign the U.S. peace agreement that outlines the terms of our 2014 withdrawal. What's he thinking – and how will his actions impact our – and Afghanistan's – security? National Security Program Senior Fellows Omar Samad and Douglas Ollivant join Slaughter to interpret Karzai's obstinance, forecast how the country will fare post-withdrawal, and think critically about the ROI of our continued involvement.

The Weekly Wonk: Good News & Women's Middle East Moment

December 5, 2013

Will journalism go the way of the dinosaurs this century – particularly policy-minded journalism? NPR's Michel Martin explains why she's optimistic that media won't become extinct, and tells Slaughter some surprising news about NPR's changing audience demographics.


New America NYC Presents: Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House

November 26, 2013

George W. Bush and his administration were confronted by one crisis after another. Terrorist attacks, the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina and the collapse of our financial system have come to define their 8 years in office. As Bush and Vice President Cheney struggled to meet these challenges, their relationship transformed from extreme reliance to striking discord.


New America NYC: Obama and the Press

November 22, 2013

Since 2009, eight government employees and contractors have been prosecuted under the 1917 Espionage Act for leaking classified information to the press – more than all previous administrations combined. These aggressive measures, along with the government’s comprehensive surveillance programs, consistently discourage sources from speaking to reporters.


The Weekly Wonk: Chinese Tectonics and Security Narcissists

November 21, 2013
New America Fellow Hao Wu explains why the Chinese government announced a recent slew of economic and social reforms now, and questions whether they'll live up to their transformative promise. Later, Slaughter is joined by the Open Technology Institute's new policy director, Kevin Bankston, and Rebecca MacKinnon, a Senior Research Fellow for New America, to unpack the latest bill aimed at curbing NSA overreach, and expose its surprising opponents.

The Weekly Wonk: Aid After the Storm & Russia's Delusions

November 14, 2013
As international aid workers descend on the Philippines to help the nation rebuild post-typhoon, CARE USA CEO and New America Board Member Helene Gayle, and Holly Solberg, the director of emergency and humanitarian assistance at CARE talk about the latest conditions on the ground – and what we in the US can do to help victims. Also, New America President Anne-Marie Slaughter and New Yorker Editor David Remnick, who's written a few books on Russia, discuss what the imminent reversal of Russia's economic fortunes could mean for its geopolitical relationships, and its authoritarian leadership.
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