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New America NYC: Why Women Aren't Welcome Online

March 20, 2014

Women writers are disproportionately likely to be harassed, insulted and stalked on the Internet, and law enforcement agencies often fail to take online threats seriously, dismissing them as adolescent pranks.


New America NYC: The Meat Racket

March 19, 2014


New America NYC: The Meat Racket

March 7, 2014

What do we, as informed citizens and consumers, still not understand about where our food comes from? How does the relationship relationship between Tyson, their farmers, and our meat affect us, and what can we do about it?


The Weekly Wonk: Lean Back and You've Got Comrades

March 6, 2014

New America Fellow Emily Parker talks about the strange underworld of online activism around the world – and her new book on the subject.


The Weekly Wonk: Oscars and Chicken Economics

February 26, 2014

Chris Leonard talks about how your chicken can go from “egg to McNugget without ever touching a market where there’s a transparent price.” Then, on the eve of the Oscars, Peter Bergen and Liza Mundy talk about whether movies can move policy.


New America NYC: Breaking the Heart into Bits

February 24, 2014

Does data from online dating profiles really make love more attainable? Can there ever be a fool-proof algorithm for love? Join New America NYC for a conversation about love and dating in our highly digitized times.

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