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The Weekly Wonk: A Different Kind of War Story

September 18, 2014

Why do veterans miss war? That's the question that has animated the latest work of Sebastian Junger, the best-selling author and filmmaker whose recent film, Korengal, picks up where his Academy Award-nominated war documentary Restrepo left off. The answer, he says, could have broad social implications.


New America NYC: Just in Time

September 16, 2014

For white-collar workers, jobs that promise flexible hours may be highly sought after. But for workers who are just getting by, the very opposite is often the case.


New America NYC: The Teacher Wars

September 11, 2014

Why is teaching the most controversial profession in America? Historically, American public school teaching developed as an explicitly anti-intellectual, working class job.


New America NYC: Israel, Gaza and Monitoring Human Rights During Wartime

September 9, 2014

Monitoring human rights during wartime is a particularly daunting challenge, since the message and the messenger are often greeted by a hostile audience.

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