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Education Watch Podcast: The Hell of (and Hope for) American Daycare

May 20, 2013
Last week, at an event based on the New Republic article, The Hell of American Daycare, Reid Cramer, director of New America’s Asset Building Program, further explored the dismal state of American child care and started a conversation about potential strategies to improve our early education system more broadly.

The Sidebar: DoJ Taps in and Pakistan Elects

May 16, 2013
Schwartz Fellow Christopher Leonard explains why the Justice Department's overreach threatens journalism. National Security Studies Program Fellow Shamila Chaudhary breaks down the results of Pakistan's historic election. Elizabeth Weingarten hosts.

New America NYC: Which Cities Will Survive the 21st Century?

May 14, 2013

Just as cities are becoming the world's preeminent economic, technological, and even diplomatic actors, they face unprecedented risks from financial volatility, climate change, political violence, and the spread of pandemics. The concentration of demographics, wealth and talent could either drive a renaissance of innovation and well-being or a cataclysmic chain reaction that threatens the world's major population centers.


In The Tank: Future of Work: Moms and Dads, Unite!

May 14, 2013
Right, this is another podcast about work-life balance. Yep, we mention Sheryl Sandberg. But, hold on there, podcast listener. In this episode, by asking what this conversation will look like in 30 years, we expand the conversation in two ways.

Education Watch: Rating Teachers in the Early Grades

May 14, 2013

As a sneak peek to her policy paper to come out this week, senior policy analyst Laura Bornfreund talks about experiments underway in rating teachers' effectiveness in the PreK-3rd grades despite a death of reliable data on children's progress in those grades. With guest Elliott Regenstein, senior vice president for advocacy and policy with the Ounce of Prevention Fund. Moderated by Lisa Guernsey, director of New America's Early Education Initiative.

The Sidebar: Do-Gooder Drones and End of Days

May 9, 2013
Shane Harris and Crawford Allan discuss the altruistic uses of drones, and what the future of UAV use will look like. Shannon Brownlee exposes a disturbing trend in end-of-life care, and explains why it's so bad in California. Elizabeth Weingarten hosts.

New America NYC: The Cybersecurity Threat and Our Changing National Security Landscape

May 8, 2013
There is a new type of war in our networked world. States, criminal organizations, and even lone hackers now have the ability to wage war on an organization or government entity with just a few clicks of the mouse. Last year the United States saw targeted cyber attacks from China and Iran, and though the damage has been slight thus far the attacks will certainly become more sophisticated over time. How is the national security apparatus evolving to handle this new threat? What measures are being taken to defend against cyber attacks and is the U.S. prepared to go on the offense?

The Sidebar: The Game of Oligopoly and a New Mexico

May 2, 2013

Tim Wu explains why media oligopolies are as dangerous as monopolies. Andrés Martinez talks to Alfredo Corchado, the Mexico bureau chief of The Dallas Morning News in Mexico City, about Mexico's forward momentum. Read more from Alfredo Corchado on his personal relationship with Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.


Education Watch Podcast: Driving Innovation in Higher Education: Credit Hours and College Online

May 1, 2013
New America higher education experts Amy Laitinen and Rachel Fishman discuss policy reforms that could alter the higher education system for the better. Laitinen explains how to move past the credit hour and measure learning, not just seat time, and Fishman explores how public universities are collaborating on that and other issues to develop online courses. Fuzz Hogan hosts.

New America NYC: On Covering Tragedy

April 30, 2013
Nonfiction writers face a tangle of contradictory responsibilities in their work: to information and entertainment, to their readers and their subjects. Nowhere are these conflicts thrown into sharper relief than in the business of reporting on tragedy. In Collaboration with The Atavist.
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