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Breaking America's Meat Monopoly

March 20, 2014

Barry Lynn, director of New America's Market, Enterprise, and Resiliency project, said “Maybe it's time for a citizen's revolt.” Maybe he's right. If the market normalizes, we can afford a lot more respect to animals, farmers, and ourselves. Cyrus ...

The Animal Welfare And Antitrust Issues Behind America's Cheap Meat | The Guardian

March 14, 2014

The concentration of power in the meat business was assailed by, among others, chicken farmers and cattle ranchers; Christopher Leonard, author of The Meat Racket: the Secret Takeover of America's Food Business, which argues that big integrators like ...

Statement on Comcast Announcement to buy Time Warner Cable

February 13, 2014
WASHINGTON, DC – Comcast today announced plans to buy Time Warner Cable in a $45.2 billion-dollar deal that would combine the country’s two biggest cable companies.
The following statement can be attributed to Sarah Morris, Senior Policy Counsel for the Open Technology Institute at New America:

The Real Threats from Monopoly - Community Broadband Bits Podcast #83

January 28, 2014

When we think about the threat of monopoly, we almost always focus on how monopolies can raise prices beyond what is reasonable. But there are many threats from monopolies and many are much more dangerous to a free society than higher prices. This week, monopoly expert Barry Lynn joins us for the Community Broadband Bits podcast.

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The Industrial Policy That America Has Forgotten

  • By
  • Barry C. Lynn,
  • New America Foundation
October 1, 2013 | Challenges Publishers with New Strategies | Investor's Business Daily

September 9, 2013

"Amazon's impact on the publishing world is revolutionary," said Barry Lynn, a senior fellow of the New America Foundation. "We would have had e-books and Internet sales even if Jeff Bezos had never been born ... but (the difference is) Amazon is ...

Airline Merger Lawsuit: A Power Grab for DOJ or Protection Against High Rates? | Philadelphia Business Journal

August 13, 2013

"We believe the U.S. airline industry was far too concentrated - and dysfunctional - even before this latest deal was proposed," said Barry C. Lynn and Lina Khan in a prepared statement. "We strongly believe that antitrust law alone is not sufficient ...

MEDIA RELEASE: Experts on Lawsuit to Block American Airlines-US Airways Merger

August 13, 2013

Washington, DC — The U.S. Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit today to block a proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways, which would create the world’s largest airline. The suit argues the $11 billion transaction would reduce competition in an already highly concentrated market, costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

The Sidebar: Field of Dreams

July 31, 2013
Barry C. Lynn and Mark Hertsgaard explain how we can harness agriculture to dial back the clock on climate change. Elizabeth Weingarten hosts.

Where Tech Innovation Is Happening | Washington Monthly

July 30, 2013

Yesterday I briefly discussed Barry Lynn's article from the July-August issue of the Washington Monthly arguing for a major federal effort to spur innovation in technology via antitrust actions and patent reform. At Ten Miles Square, Michael Mandel of ...

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