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How The United States Can Maintain Its Global Edge | The Atlantic

November 9, 2012

Michael Lind and Sherle Schwenninger of the New America Foundation have called for a federal Works Progress Administration-style infrastructure bank to help finance more than $2 trillion over five years. With interest rates low, and returns on ...

To The Presidential Victor Goes the Spoils: A Broken Washington | Le Monde

November 6, 2012

"No matter who comes into the White House, all changes to tax reductions are going to be pushed back until the summer of 2013," says the economist Michael Lind. Meanwhile, after January, certain interest groups will push for an "grand bargain" to ...

Obama Adviser Admits: 'We Need Death Panels' | Wnd.Com

October 1, 2012

NAF fellow Michael Lind wrote, “Our goal [is] not to repeal the New Deal [of Franklin Roosevelt] but to adapt it to the circumstances of the 21st century.” Discover The Networks notes how the NAF approved of Obamacare because it would “offer a new ...

Lind: Is America Still a Land of Great Promise?

  • By
  • Michael Lind,
  • New America Foundation
October 1, 2012 |

Is America still a land of promise?

The biblical metaphor was used in 1785 by George Washington, who described the new United States as a "second land of promise." More than a century later, the progressive journalist Herbert Croly wrote: "From the beginning the Land of Democracy has been figured as the Land of Promise."

Inside The Tea Party: A Look At What They Believe | Ocala

September 30, 2012

While conservative commentators like Glenn Beck and Fox's Sean Hannity laud the tea party as an inspired movement that will reshape American politics, political writer and historian Michael Lind says of the group, "There's nothing new here. "What the ...

Is The Tea Party's Influence Slipping? | Ocala

September 30, 2012

Michael Lind, a political historian and author, believes that, like MoveOn.org and Ross Perot's Reform Party, the tea party is destined to fade into history. “We'll look back and all this will seem kind of silly to us,” Lind said. Lind, who calls the ...

Obama's Policies Have Been A Declaration Of War On The Middle Class | The Philadelphia Inquirer

September 30, 2012

... the era that economist Michael Lind praises as "the glorious thirty years." The rising tide of these presidents' pro-family policies raised all boats in Philadelphia, black and white, through the formation of tens of thousands of new households ...

The Virtuous Citizen: Patriotism In A Multicultural Society By Tim ... | The Guardian (London)

September 29, 2012

Soutphommasane's book begins with a familiar demand for the left to engage with the virtues of patriotism. George Orwell is invoked, and Soutphommasane then aligns himself with the school of liberal nationalism. For years now, the likes of Michael Lind ...

Freedom, Unity, And Colliding Ideals | Commons

September 26, 2012

Historian Michael Lind once wrote that our nation's history, economics, and culture have been dominated by two particular factions of the ruling elite. For most of our history, the faction that held control was the New England Yankee. The descendants ...

Bair Takes On Geithner - Election Impact: Good For Financial Stocks - Scoop ... - Politico

September 25, 2012

The first guest posts will offer differing views of the future of American manufacturing by Michael Lind of the New America Foundation and James Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute & CNBC ...

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