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Drone Aside, What Else U.S. Lost To Iran | Press TV

December 19, 2011

... 4 while in violation of Iran's air sovereignty “highlights a deeper reality,” than a mere signification of the escalation of tensions between Tehran and Washington, Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett wrote on the Race for Iran website. ...

Syria's Brave But Divided Opposition Will Have To Take Down Assad on their Own | The Guardian (London)

December 11, 2011

Yet, as Flynt Leverett, a former Middle East analyst for the US National Security Council and the CIA, has observed: "It is far from clear that the Assad government is actually imploding ... Moreover, no one has identified a plausible scenario by which ...

The Assads: An Iron-Fisted Dynasty | Al Jazeera

December 8, 2011

This "allowed Bashar to be seen as someone on the right side of a true 'hot button' issue for most ordinary Syrians," writes Flynt Leverett in his book, Inheriting Syria - Bashar's Trial by Fire. The Syrian constitution had to be amended to allow ...

Guest Opinion: War with Iran Would Be Madness | Taunton Daily Gazette

November 27, 2011

Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, two Middle East authorities on President George W. Bush's National Security Council, wrote: The report … does not in any way demonstrate that Iran is “developing a nuclear weapon.” Rather, it once again affirms ...

Iranian 'Plots' and American Hubris

  • By
  • Flynt Leverett,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Hillary Leverett
October 13, 2011 |

Calls by Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary Hillary Clinton to "unite the world in the isolation of and dealing with the Iranians," in response to an alleged Iranian plot to kill Saudi Arabia's Ambassador in Washington, reflect a hubristic misapprehension of reality.

The Obama Administration mistakenly believes it can exploit the accusations for strategic advantage. In fact, they are likely to play to Iran's advantage, not America's.

Syria's "Thug-in Chief" | Global Post

June 27, 2011

... kickbacks from a scheme to launder an estimated $1 billion from Saddam Hussein's oil-for-food scandal. “Maher is increasingly notorious for his personal greed and complicity in corruption,” wrote Flynt Leverett, a Syria expert and former CIA analyst.

The Dispensable Nation

  • By
  • Flynt Leverett,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Hillary Mann Leverett, American University
May 20, 2011 |

President Barack Obama's State Department address on the Middle East was a desperate attempt to define a new narrative about the Arab awakening and America's role in this critical region. But the speech only confirmed that Obama has no alternative strategic vision to replace the neoconservative fantasies of his predecessor. In the process, the president demonstrated that the United States has little to offer the region and its people.

The Syria Lobby | The Wall Street Journal

April 26, 2011

"I think that President Assad is going to count on . . . majoritarian support within the country to support him in doing what he needs to do to restore order," Flynt Leverett of the New America Foundation said recently on PBS's NewsHour. ...

Wikileaks Cables: UN Craved Info on Iran | United Press International

April 18, 2011

An Iran-watcher source "is someone who wants a [US] visa, who wants money, is an expatriate, or someone with an explicitly anti-Islamic Republic agenda," said Flynt Leverett, a former White House and CIA official now a professor of international ...

Damascus Needs Regime Change | The Wall Street Journal

April 18, 2011

On PBS's NewsHour, Flynt Leverett of the New America Foundation says that Mr. Assad "can probably marshal at least 50% of the society . . . [who are] looking to him primarily to demonstrate that he can hold this together and keep [Syria] from turning ...

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