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In The Tank: Moms as Breadwinners and the Family of the Future

May 30, 2013
Now that Pew has found that women are the main breadwinners in two of every five U.S. families, this raises the same questions we've been asking about the changing nature of work in America and its impact on gender roles and the family. Looking ahead, what will this conversation look like when today's high schoolers are winning the bread, be they men or women? Schwartz Fellows Liza Mundy and Brigid Schulte joined David Gray, Director of New America's Workforce and Family Program to answer that question in this In The Tank podcast.

In The Tank: Future of Work: Moms and Dads, Unite!

May 14, 2013
Right, this is another podcast about work-life balance. Yep, we mention Sheryl Sandberg. But, hold on there, podcast listener. In this episode, by asking what this conversation will look like in 30 years, we expand the conversation in two ways.

Churches Take Up Fight for Stressed Parents | Voice of America

November 26, 2012

Rev. David Gray of Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Maryland, believes faith can be part of the solution. "In our congregation, we have a lot of people who are stressed at work. It comes from living in the D.C. area. It comes from a lot of professionals in the congregation," he says, "and so when I look out in the pews I need to deal with the stress that they are facing."

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Practicing Balance

September 3, 2012

Work-life imbalance is a problem that has personal, national, and religious implications. Millions of Americans sense that they are rushing through life and that their work and non-work lives compete with one another.  Clergy and lay leaders are struggling with overwork.  Church members are looking for help. Practicing Balance demonstrates why congregational leaders should take work-life imbalance seriously. The issue gets in the way of spiritual development, church attendance, and member involvement.


The Sidebar: Media's Relationship with Tragedy and Our No-Vacation Nation.

July 27, 2012
Gabriel Sherman discusses the way media covers and hypes tragedy in the age of the 24-hour news cycle and David Gray explains why America is the only advanced nation without a vacation policy. Elizabeth Weingarten hosts. 

What Mitt Romney Should Be Saying to Women Voters This Mother's Day

  • By
  • David Gray,
  • New America Foundation

Mitt Romney knows he has to do better in attracting women voters. After controversial comments by GOP leaders about contraception and Planned Parenthood during the heat of the primary season, polls show that Mr. Romney’s standing among women has been impacted and that he trails President Obama in critical swing states with female voters by a 2 to 1 margin (according to a a recent USA Today/Gallup survey).

Event Recap: Local Innovations in Early Learning and Childcare

March 20, 2012

On Feb. 23, New America's Early Education Initiative and Workforce and Family Program hosted Local Innovations in Early Learning and Child Care, an event that brought together child care and early learning leaders from Oklahoma, Florida, Massachusetts and Minnesota. They shared insights about the challenges and opportunities of providing quality, dual-generation child care -- programs that serve both children (by providing opportunities for early learning that will prepare them for school) and parents (by providing services that enable parents to go to work, stabilize their income and receive advanced training for furthering their careers).

New Leadership at the Administration of Children and Families

November 17, 2011

Last month Joan Lombardi, a nationally-recognized early childhood researcher, retired from the Administration of Children and Families (ACF), the section of the federal Department of Health and Human Services that deals with Head Start and child care programs. Lombardi had served as deputy assistant secretary and inter-departmental liaison for early childhood development since 2009.

Event Recap: How to Improve Child Care and Early Ed

October 25, 2011

Here at the New America Foundation, we hosted an event last Thursday called “What's Missing in Child Care and Early Education in America?” Amid budget crises, states are cutting back child care and pre-K programs just as the research consensus settles, more than ever, on the crucial importance of early childhood care and education in building literacy, math, social, and emotional skills for the rest of a child’s life.

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