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Google Boss Eric Schmidt Leads a Visit to Cuba | TIME

June 30, 2014

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has visited Cuba to promote “a free and open Internet,” the country's independent online newspaper 14yMedio reported on Saturday. Company executives Jared Cohen, Brett Perlmutter and Dan Keyserling also joined ...


Eric Schmidt On Google's Driverless Cars | The Wall Street Journal

May 28, 2014

Eric Schmidt on Google's Driverless Cars. Google has developed the first driverless-car prototype. The WSJ's Deborah Kan talks to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt about why the company hasn't set a release date for its new innovation. Up Next ...


One On One: Eric Schmidt On Today's Savvy Media Generation | The Huffington Post

February 3, 2014

Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt. Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, discusses the mobile revolution as part of The WorldPost's new series, One On One, which gives voice to prominent figures speaking on pressing global issues.

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Tired of Thinking? Google Says We Won't Have To | Wall Street Journal

November 13, 2013

Google Says We Won't Have To. Imagine a world where a computer tells you what to do and when—without having to log into your PC. The WSJ's Deborah Kan talks with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on the technology of tomorrow. Up Next ...


'I Don't Want My Children to Go to College' | The Atlantic

September 18, 2013

An unawareness of this important dynamic was evident at a recent public conversation between Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, New America Foundation president (and Atlantic contributing editor) Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Buzzfeed president Jon ...


New America NYC: Leadership, Innovation and Ideas Series Featuring Eric Schmidt

September 16, 2013
Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google joins New America Foundation President Anne-Marie Slaughter to kickoff our Leadership, Innovation and Ideas Series exploring the most pressing challenges facing the U.S. and the world.

Google's Eric Schmidt Says Government Spying Is 'the Nature of Our Society' | The Guardian

September 13, 2013
Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, reiterated the tech industry's call for greater transparency from the US government over surveillance on Friday, but declined to "pass judgment" on American spying operations.
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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to Speak at Aspen Institute | Aspen Business Journal

July 15, 2013

He also chairs the board of the New America Foundation, and since 2008 has been a trustee of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. No comments. You must be signed in to post a comment. Sign in or Register. Report Abuse.


RELEASE: New America Welcomes Helene Gayle to Board of Directors

April 8, 2013

Washington, DC — The New America Foundation is pleased to announce that Helene Gayle will join its Board of Directors. Dr. Gayle is president and CEO of the Atlanta-based CARE USA, a leading international humanitarian organization.

“Helene Gayle's global mindset and knowledge of health and humanitarian issues will be a terrific asset to our Board of Directors,” said New America Board Chair and Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt.


Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Calls Out China In Book | Tri-Valley Herald

February 19, 2013

... what they see as China's cyberthefts and censorship. "You hear this kind of thing in private" among executives, said Rebecca MacKinnon, senior fellow at the New America Foundation and an expert on global Internet policy. "But it's rare to hear this ...

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