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Dominique Strauss-Kahn's 'Stunning Change of Fortune': 3 Lessons | The Week Magazine

July 1, 2011

It's dangerous to presume guilt, especially in the online age: Strauss-Kahn's "legally-based presumed innocence has been inconsequential to the penalties that he's already received, and that's something that should worry us," says Steve Clemons at The ...

Gates Moved U.S. Closer To Reality | Asia Times

June 30, 2011

"To move the administration away from the neo-cons and on a realist trajectory, Gates proved pivotal," said Steve Clemons, American Strategy director at the New America Foundation. "He brought the Bush administration back to the center and to a more ...

Biden's Power Grows as Obama's Foreign Policy Team Shuffles | Huffington Post

June 27, 2011

Steve Clemons, publisher of popular political blog The Washington Note and a well-connected chronicler of the major foreign policy personalities and debates, also played up the vice president's influence. "Biden broke the back on this notion that the ...

How Secretary Gates Prevented a War With Iran | Tamba Bay Online

June 26, 2011

As Washington commentator Steven Clemons put it in 2007, "An irrepressible and perhaps irresponsible certainty that America will attack Iran now dominates commentary across the political spectrum." This scenario failed to materialize because the ...

The FP Twitterati 100 | Foreign Policy

June 20, 2011

... Here are 100 Twitter users from around the world who will make you smarter, infuriate you, and delight you -- 140 characters at a time. ... Rebecca Hamilton (@bechamilton) — Sudan correspondent and author of Fighting for Darfur. ... Steve Clemons (@SCClemons) — Washington impresario, Atlantic editor, and realist blogger at the Washington Note. ... Rebecca MacKinnon (@rmack) — Former Beijing bureau chief for CNN focusing on global Internet policy; fellow at the New America Foundation.

Money May Change U.S. Calculations Abroad | NPR

June 17, 2011

"The United States is caught in a vice where an incredible fiscal conservatism is working hard at rolling back deficits, and this is impacting foreign policy considerations in very serious ways," says Steve Clemons, a foreign policy strategist at the ...

Republican Leaders Demand Written Justification for Libyan Campaign | The Telegraph (U.K.)

June 15, 2011

Steven Clemons, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, said candidates had “recognized that the party's base was ferociously obsessed with cost", and had begun to appreciate the potential benefits of Mr Obama being lumbered with an unpopular ...

Obama's Less Personal Touch on Diplomacy | POLITICO

June 7, 2011

“Bush had more of a puppy dog feel to him, and Obama is more like a cat,” said Steve Clemons, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation. Obama rarely takes his meetings with members of the world leaders club into the casual settings favored by so ...

New America's Steve Clemons Joins The Atlantic to Head AtlanticLIVE

June 2, 2011

The New America Foundation today announced that Steve Clemons, the founder and longtime director of the American Strategy Program, is joining the Atlantic Media Company to head that company's public event efforts. 

Clemons will serve as the Editor-in-Chief of AtlanticLIVE and Washington Editor-at-Large for The Atlantic., and will move his blog, "The Washington Note," onto TheAtlantic.com.  He will remain a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, and continue to work with New America on a wide range of issues.


On Afghan War and Other Issues, Left and Right Unite in D.C. | Port Huron Times Herald

May 29, 2011

Conservative war opponents “are not pacifists,” said Steve Clemons, a self-described “progressive realist” at the New American Foundation think tank. "They are trying to say, 'What is the efficacy of the American investment?' . ...

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