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Obama's Outreach to Muslim World Teetering | Inter Press Service

November 3, 2009
... forth a vision of the kinds of relationships he wanted," said Steven Clemons, director of the American Strategy Project at the New America Foundation. ...

Afghanistan Haunted By Ghost Of Vietnam | WIBW

October 28, 2009
Steve Clemons of the nonpartisan New America Foundation said one of the factors in the Soviet-Afghan War -- which pitted the Soviet-backed Democratic ...

Detecting IEDs a Daunting Challenge for US Military | CNN

October 27, 2009
They do have a deeply felt antagonism of anyone trying to control them or occupy their government," said Steve Clemons, an expert on Afghanistan for the ...

With Kerry In The Spotlight In Afghanistan, Where's Holbrooke? | NPR

October 23, 2009
There is some truth to that, according to Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation, who has known Holbrooke for many years. ...

Envoy Holbrooke Missing from Afghan Talks | Washington Times

October 21, 2009
"Karzai doesn't trust or like Holbrooke. ...There is not much of a relationship there," said Steve Clemons, executive vice president at the New America Foundation who runs a popular foreign policy ...

Japan | New York Times

October 15, 2009
... modernized and will be healthier and even stronger over the long term for it," Steve Clemons of US think tank New America Foundation said in a recent ...

Can the War in Afghanistan Still Be Won? | Newsweek

October 10, 2009
Arguing against the motion were Steve Coll, CEO of the New America Foundation; retired US armylt. Col. John Nagl, president of the Center for a New American ...

Obama's 'Unclenched Fist' Won the Prize

  • By
  • Steven Clemons,
  • New America Foundation
October 9, 2009 |

Cynics will say that Oslo was jealous that Copenhagen, Denmark, scored a visit from President Obama, and giving him a Nobel was the only way to get him to Norway.

But the Nobel Committee's decision to make Obama the only sitting U.S. president since Woodrow Wilson to receive the Nobel Peace Prize shows the committee's clear-headed assessment that Obama's "unclenched fist" approach to dealing with the world's most thuggish leaders has had a constructive, systemic impact on the world's expectations of itself.

Cuba | Foreign Policy

October 9, 2009
Steve Clemons, New America's foreign-policy chief and the editor of The Washington Note, organized the event and has been building a left-right coalition of ...
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