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Norquist: It's Time to Consider Leaving Afghanistan | The Daily Caller

January 20, 2011

Norquist, the influential founder of Americans for Tax Reform, told attendees at a dinner hosted by the New America Foundation's Steve Clemons last week ...

Greybeards Urge U.S. Not to Veto U.N. Anti-Settlement Resolution | Inter Press Service

January 19, 2011

But the letter, which was initially published by Steve Clemons, the director of the American Strategy programme on his widely read thewashingtonnote.com ...

Romney Discusses Democracy With Young Afghan Leaders | Boston Globe

January 14, 2011

Steve Clemons, of the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think tank, said that in the past, Romney "was trying to out-neo-con the neo-cons," referring to a group known as neo-conservatives who were influential in the administration of former President George W. Bush. ...

Sarah Palin Hit By Fallout From Arizona Shooting Spree | The Guardian (London)

January 10, 2011

Steve Clemons, a liberal blogger and a director at the Washington-based think-tank New America Foundation, saw Palin as culpable for "the whole brand of lock and load politics, that frontierswoman mystique and a continuation of the Bush Texas-style swagger". ...

5 Things the Afghan War Review Didn't Say | NPR

December 16, 2010

... "It's very military-focused and doesn't fundamentally deal with these broader issues of a sustainable political resolution down the road," says Steve Clemons, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation. ...

When Even Allies Seem Like Adversaries | The New York Times

December 16, 2010

By keeping his troop withdrawal plans vague on Thursday, he avoided a fight he does not need to have just yet, said Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation, a research organization here. ...

Clinton Proposes Revamp of Diplomacy, Development | NPR

December 15, 2010

Veteran Diplomat Richard Holbrooke Dies | NPR

December 13, 2010

Steve Clemons, a senior fellow with the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation, says it took Holbrooke's strong nature to work on the Bosnia negotiations. Clemons, who knew Holbrooke for about 15 years, says he was very ambitious and would bulldoze his way to results. ...

Obama’s November Loss Weakens U.S. Abroad

  • By
  • Steven Clemons,
  • New America Foundation
December 10, 2010 |

President Barack Obama's political fortunes suffered a dramatic blow on Nov. 2. Since then, whether in domestic policy or the international arena, nations, as well as U.S. politicians, have raised their price for cooperating with him.

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