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Comcast And Netflix Reach Deal On Service | The New York Times

February 23, 2014

Others, including Tim Wu, a Columbia Law School professor and advocate for net neutrality, said the interconnection agreement between Comcast and Netflix was one of the first such arrangements where a broadband provider like Comcast has extracted ...

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Internet Service Providers Pay More To Travel In The Express Lanes | Economic Times

February 3, 2014

Tim Wu, who coined the term "net neutrality," said he worried that the telecommunications companies were too big and too powerful to lose this battle. "The FCC is afraid of the companies they regulate. They are capable of being intimidated by them ...

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Court Tosses Rules Of Road For Internet | Wall Street Journal

January 15, 2014

... they get some content at full speed while other websites appear slower because their owners chose not to pay up. "It takes the Internet into completely uncharted territory," said Tim Wu, a Columbia University law professor who coined the term net ...

How to Save Congress: Digitize the Vote

  • By
  • Tim Wu,
  • New America Foundation
December 10, 2013 |

Tech Giants Issue Call for Limits on Government Surveillance of Users | New York Times

December 9, 2013

“For the phone companies,” said Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia studying the Internet and the law, “help with federal spying is a longstanding tradition with roots in the Cold War. It's another area where there's a split between old tech and new tech ...

Verizon, The FCC And What You Need To Know About Net Neutrality | The Nation

December 6, 2013

Network neutrality, or net neutrality, is a term first coined by technology policy scholar Tim Wu to describe the preservation of online innovation by prohibiting companies from discriminating against some users and content, or prioritizing some ...


How Netflix Is Changing Our Culture And Other Fascinating News On The Web | Time

December 5, 2013

On demand viewing is reprogramming the way we watch television. And according to New Republic's Tim Wu, it could also be reprogramming our social fabric. “If modern American popular culture was built on a central pillar of mainstream entertainment ...


Your Brain Still Sucks at Using Computers | Fast Company

September 12, 2013

These are triumphs, notes Tim Wu at the New Yorker, but the more pressing question is this: Would their feats be harder today, or easier? Probably the former, Wu contends, since our tools for writing and programming--like the device you're reading this ...


David Karp Reveals Renovated $1.6 Million Williamsburg Loft | Mashable

September 11, 2013

Tumblr founder David Karp has completed the redesign of the Williamsburg condo he purchased for $1.6 million in early 2012, giving readers of New York Times' T Magazine the first look in a written profile and four-page spread. The story's author, Tim ...

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