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The Father Of Net Neutrality Wants to Fix New York Politics | Vox

June 19, 2014

Tim Wu was barely 30 years old when a concept he invented, network neutrality, became a central part of internet policy debates. Now, a decade later, he's not only trying to reinvent the concept for a changing internet, but he's seeking to transform ...

Tim Wu Makes a Bid for Net Neutrality | Forbes

June 17, 2014

The internet has revolutionized human connectivity, but can be described, most simply, as a public space. Which is why New York state residents ought to pay close attention to the net neutrality debate, and to Tim Wu's recently-announced candidacy as ...

Tim Wu Runs For New York State Lieutenant Governor, Promising To Clamp Down ... | Boing Boing

June 17, 2014

Tim Wu, the Columbia law professor who coined the term "Net Neutrality," is running for Lieutenant Governor of New York State on a leftist, reform platform that starts with blocking the Comcast/Time-Warner merger. Wu wrote The Master Switch, a ...

Differing Definitions Of Net Neutrality Spells Big Trouble | Irish Times

May 21, 2014

Columbia University professor Tim Wu is credited with coining the term net neutrality, which he sees as an internet that “aspires to treat all content, sites, and platforms equally”. Notably, he does not see the proposed FCC fast lane approach as ...

Eu Court: People Entitled To Control Own Online Histories | The Washington Post

May 13, 2014

“It definitely makes Europe a less favorable place for these companies to do business... But that's a balance these countries are allowed to make,” said Tim Wu, a Columbia University law professor. “Even though the Internet started in America, I don't ...

Should The U.S. Regulate Broadband Internet Access As A Utility? | The Wall Street Journal

May 12, 2014

They say broadband is rapidly evolving and that regulating it like a monopoly would kill investment. They believe broadband should be regulated like other industries: through antitrust and consumer-protection laws. Tim Wu, a Columbia Law School ...

Defending The Open Internet | The New York Times

May 10, 2014

Tim Wu, 41, a law professor at Columbia University, isn't a direct participant in the rule making, but he is influencing it. A dozen years ago, building on the work of more senior scholars, Mr. Wu developed a concept that is now a generally accepted norm.

Beyond Net Neutrality: The New Battle For The Future Of The Internet

May 2, 2014

That's how things worked when Tim Wu, an academic who's now a law professor at Columbia, coined the term network neutrality in 2002. ISPs purchased connectivity from a handful of companies that operated long-distance networks known as the internet's ...

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