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A Failure Of Imagination Put Metro On Wrong Track | Washington Examiner

February 14, 2012

Joel Garreau, in researching his book "Edge City" on Tysons and similar clusters, asked Metro planners why they didn't put a station there. The reply: We never thought there would be any development there. Suburbs are for houses.


Paradise Mislaid: In Pop Culture, Suburbia Is All Over the Map | CNN

December 22, 2011

Today's suburbs are increasingly multicultural and, in some cases, have developed their own skyscraper-filled "edge cities," in the term popularized by journalist Joel Garreau. Accurately portraying such a complex environment is as difficult as ...


Is America's Health Care Crisis Fixable? | Counterpunch

December 6, 2011

Joel Garreau's book Radical Evolution reports on a new breed of scientists who believe that advances in genetics, robotics, information technology, and nano technology will allow us to improve our intelligence, reinvent our bodies, and even become ...


'American Nations' by Colin Woodard, a Study of Our 'Rival Regional Cultures' | The Washington Post

November 18, 2011

This may seem like well-marked territory — Joel Garreau's “The Nine Nations of North America” (1981) is only one of many studies of what came to be simplified as the country's red-blue split. But Woodard sets his political geography apart by delving ...


Author Sees Many Nations of U.S. | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

October 29, 2011

In that book, Joel Garreau — like Woodard, a journalist — tossed out the notion of states and regrouped North America into nine cleverly named "nations," like the Breadbasket and the Foundry. But while Garreau's book had a playful edge, Woodard's is ...


Mapping The (11) Divisions In American Society | Miller-McCune

October 12, 2011

Joel Garreau identified The Nine Nations of North America in his 1981 portrait of the country's economic and cultural divisions. And historian David Hackett Fischer proposed later that decade, in Albion's Seed, that four distinct British migrations had ...


Life May Differ in Your Region | The Wall Street Journal

October 9, 2011

Journalist Joel Garreau's "Nine Nations of North America" (1981) looked at developing regional cultures, making what turned out to be prescient forecasts of regional trends, for instance in the increasingly Latino Southwest and the Francophone fortress ...


Apartment Buildings Using DNA To Detect Whose Pets Are Leaving A Mess | The Globe and Mail

June 27, 2011

“Traditional religion is having a tough time in parts of the world,” writes Joel Garreau in The New Atlantis. “Majorities in most European countries have told Gallup pollsters in the past few years that religion does not 'occupy an important place' in ...


Law Dean Aims To Put Transparency at Center Stage | GW Hatchet

June 13, 2011

"Given by how young he is, I'm struck by how well-liked and respected he was by the old guard here," ASU law professor Joel Garreau said. "He's very transparent and straightforward." Berman said he will focus on tangible reform for the Law School, ...


Liveable v. Lovable | Financial Times

May 6, 2011

Joel Garreau, the US urban academic and author, agrees. “These lists are journalistic catnip. Fun to read and look at the pictures but I find the liveable cities lists intellectually on a par with People magazine's 'sexiest people' lists. ...

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