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New America NYC: D for Deception

Published:   August 14, 2012
This podcast was produced in collaboration with the Atavist and Radio Cabaret featuring the music of Seth Kessel and the Two Cent Band. What if a spy novelist jumped into the pages of his own books? It happened to Dennis Wheatley. During World War II, Wheatley went from penning bestselling thrillers to helping the British deceive Nazi intelligence. Ultimately, his elaborate deceptions helped win the war against Hitler. In her new Atavist story D for Deception, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Tina Rosenberg tells Wheatley’s thrilling true story of a life imitating art—replete with romance, decadence, and intrigue. Join us for a live radio performance with Tina Rosenberg and Radio Cabaret, as they bring Wheatley’s story to life. Come experience an exciting tale of international intrigue, epic battles, and spies, both real and imagined.

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