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Europocalypse Explained

Published:   June 15, 2012

Europe's fiscal future is looking bleaker by the day. This weekend, the G-20 will convene in Mexico to determine how to avoid a possible global market meltdown spurred by European bank debt and default. In this podcast, two members of New America's World Economic Roundtable --Jonathan Carmel, the portfolio manager at Carmel Asset Management, and Peter Tchir, the founder of T. F. Market Advisers -- talk about the implications of the impending Spanish bank bailout, the possible consequences of this weekend's Greek election, and how the U.S. can help ameliorate the crisis.

For more background on Europe's fiscal situation, read Carmel's recently published report, "Achtung Baby: Germany is Riskier than You Think" and Peter Tchir's blog post, "Why a Grexit Would Make Lehman Look Like Child's Play".