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Two Checks or Two Grants Away From Poverty

4th Annual MENDing Poverty Conference
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With high unemployment and foreclosure rates, more and more Californians are depending on a shrinking social safety net. While demand for services is rising, nonprofits are operating with decreased budgets and fewer resources.  


Community leaders, nonprofit executives, poverty experts, and funders from across L.A. came together for the fourth annual MENDing Poverty conference to share proven strategies and best practices for doing more with less in these challenging times.


Conference co-sponsors: Valley Nonprofit Resources - 5th Anniversary Celebration, Bank of America, Habitat for Humanity, Kaiser Permanente, L.A. Care, Northeast Valley Health Corporation, Office of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, California State University Northridge, UCLA Center for Civil Society, and the New America Foundation


8:00 AM 



8:30 AM 


Conference Co-Hosts
Marianne Haver Hill, MEND
Thomas E. Backer, PhD, Valley Nonprofit Resources 


Conference Planning Committee Co-Chairs
Florence Green, IdeaEncore
Michael Manigault, Bank of America



"The Power of Compassion - and Staying Afloat in Today's Troubled World"

Father Greg Boyle, SJ Homeboy Industries


10:00 AM 



10:30 AM 



A. Doing More with Less - Creative Strategies for Cost-Saving Operations

What can be done to trim operating costs of nonprofit operations, without sacrificing the ability to serve clients and sustain operations? The approaches discussed will include a case example of two successful nonprofits that merged to better meet the needs of their clients, as well as to become more financially efficient.



Jocelyn Guihama, UCLA Center for Civil Society


Mark Bertler, Public Health Foundation Enterprises

Grace Cheng Braun, Wise & Healthy Aging


B. Getting More - Asset Building Strategies for Clients

How can public and private community development organizations and nonprofit service programs help low-income people build personal assets, ranging from their own bank accounts, to better credit ratings, to home ownership? This workshop will overview the latest in asset building strategies, and how nonprofits serving low-income people can help their clients learn about and use them.



Stella Theodoulou, California State University Northridge


Olivia Calderon, New America Foundation

Neal Dudovitz, Neighborhood Legal Services LA

Victor Ramirez, Citi Community Development

C. Nonprofit Financial Management - Tools for Changed Economic Times*

What are the secrets for effective nonprofit financial management in these troubled economic times? This skill-building workshop will introduce NFF's three tools for prudent financial management and managing for sustainability - cash flow planning (including access to debt when appropriate), program profitability analysis, and scenario planning to deal with financial crises.


Workshop Leaders

Karla Salazar & Jessica LaBarbara, Nonprofit Finance Fund

Workshop sponsored by Bank of America
*Skill Building Workshop - Pre-Enrollment Required

12:00 PM


Report Backs from Breakout Workshops



"The Challenges and Opportunities from Sacramento"

Jean Ross, California Budget Project



Conference Co-Hosts

Marianne Haver Hill, MEND
Thomas E. Backer, PhD, Valley Nonprofit Resources

Event Time and Location

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - 8:00am - 2:00pm
The MEND Center
10641 N. San Fernando Road
Pacoima, CA 91331