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Rethinking the American Social Contract

The International Labor Organization's Decent Work Agenda in the United States

Can we improve America's social contract to better reflect current economic and social conditions? How can we measure progress and promote decent work in the United States?

The New America Foundation, in partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO,) on July 11 convened a group of experts to explore these questions.  The event also marked the release of a new paper, Rethinking the American Social Contract: The International Labor Organization’s Decent Work Agenda in the United States by Lauren Damme.  The paper examines how the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda can help us evaluate and renew the American social contract.


Lauren Damme

Senior Policy Analyst, Next Social Contract Initiative
New America Foundation

Duncan Campbell
Director for Policy Planning in Employment
International Labor Office

Thomas Kochan
George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management
MIT Sloan School of Management

Michael Lind
Policy Director, Economic Growth Program and Next Social Contract Initiative
New America Foundation

Event Time and Location

Monday, July 11, 2011 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm
New America Foundation
1899 L Street NW Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036

Event Photos

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